Zoom h4n review

Zoom H4N Review – Audio equipment for your videos & podcasts

I searched everywhere on youtube and google to find out whether the zoom h4n would mount to my dslr camera (Canon 550d) – I couldn’t find the answer ANYWHERE so I decided to make my own video. I really hope this post helps you out – welcome to my zoom h4n review


What digital recorder should you buy?

Firstly DO NOT get caught up in the latest models of handy recorders. Think to yourself WHY do you need a digital recorder and WHAT DO YOU NEED IT FOR. Once you have answered these questions then start doing your research. Some people recommended the Edirol digital recorder but I decided to go with the Zoom h4n (and this is not the latest model)

Zoom review

Zoom H2 and Zoom H2N

6 Reasons why I chose the Zoom h4n
  • It looked very sturdy and was made of rubber, not plastic. I tend to drop things and get paranoid about other people dropping my things! So the zoom h4n was a good choice for me as it is bulky. I was going to buy the Zoom H2N but its smaller and made of plastic (the zoom H2N may be a good option for you it just depends what you need it for!)
  • It comes with a lead to plug into a computer – I can now make podcasts
  • The quality of the audio is great
  • You can mount it directly onto a dslr camera – mine fits very nicely on top of my Canon 550d

Zoom h4n review

  • It was a trusted brand I knew of and that some of my friends have
  • Multipurpose. After watching a lot of Zoom h4n reviews I found out that it can be mounted onto a microphone stand, interview people with it and plug in XLR cables and other microphones into it. So for me its a great fit as I can use it in many different situations.


Like I said THINK about why you need a digital handy recorder and do your research. There are so many available and the zoom just seemed to be best suited for me and my needs.


Zoom h4n review

Zoom h4n review

First impressions

Impressed that it comes with a case – yes its plastic but at least we don’t have to buy it separately. Its literally ready to start using straight out the box. Simply put in 2 AA batteries and the SD card which is also provided and off you go!

I would advise reading the manual for the different settings first but you can literally start recording as soon as you open it.

WARNING – To record you must press the record button TWICE. Seems simple to remember but I know lots of people that have been on a shoot and come back home with no audio just because they forgot to press the button twice.

How to get the zoom microphone for the cheapest possible price

SHOP AROUND and again think to yourself if you really need to buy the separate accessories. My bundle came with the accessory pack and I knew in the future I would make full use of all the extras. I found ebay and amazon to be the cheapest with variations of different bundles. Some come with mini tripods etc. You could also consider buying second hand from ebay.

Top tip – When buying second hand from ebay always message the seller with any questions you have & always pay with paypal

Zoom h4n review accessory Pack

I paid £205 for the Zoom h4n, the official accessory pack and a 16GB Sandisk memory card. This was the cheapest price I could find it anywhere on ebay and amazon.

Yes you can get this bundle for slightly cheaper if you buy from ebay stores based in China or Hong Kong but I always prefer to buy expensive items from the UK. Sometimes extra costs are added on if you buy from abroad – so be careful.

I saved a further £4!

The bundle I brought was advertised at £209 but they had an option of ‘Best offer’ I put a cheeky offer in of £195 but they rejected – I asked them what they would accept and that’s how I saved a few pounds 🙂

photo shoot tips

Really hope you found this zoom h4n review and unboxing article helpful, if you did please tweet me.

Please comment below if you’ve ever brought anything from abroad on ebay – would love to know how you got on. 


Always shop around, do your research and think why you need an external microphone – hope you pick the right one for you xx





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