Isn’t it amazing how we live the same day in and out, walk the same way to school or work, have the same reality TV conversations, eat the same foods……the list is endless.

Well, why don’t you do something different this weekend!? My friend from Oxfordshire came over to stay with me and rather than going for a coffee in the closest shopping center, we spent the day exploring London. Even though I work in London, I never take the time to properly go and explore all the amazing things in the city.


Where we went

Hard rock cafe 

A very vibrant restaurant in west London where the staff are VERY happy and smiley. We were there for around two hours and in that time three people were made to stand on their chairs as the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to them! Across the road from the cafe is the Hard rock museum and shop – very cool. It had some funky merchandise (a bit pricey in my eyes) and you could go and see guitars and other memorabilia signed by some rock legends.


Hush, St Pauls

A lovely bar and restaurant opposite St Pauls Cathedral. We indulged in afternoon tea for two which consisted of….yes you’ve guessed it…a big pot of tea! We had a selection of finger sandwiches which were nice but slightly dry (you know when breads been left out and it goes slightly crispy).

Hush St Pauls


Also we had scones and macaroons. I’ve never had macaroons before. My friend said they taste like little drops of heaven – I was so excited so took a massive bite then spat it straight out! Never again will I eat them, not my idea of heaven at all! My friend was baffled to why I didn’t like them but then seemed very happy as she could have all of them to herself!

The best thing about Hush is that the staff there are friendly and approachable and OH MY DAYS – YOU HAVE TO TRY THE MARS BAR CHEESECAKE. It is soooooo yummy. I’m craving one right now!


Buckingham Palace

Yes I’ve lived here all my life but I’ve only actually gone to stand outside Buckingham palace once, when I was a child! Whatever time or day you go to the palace it is always full of tourists and everyone seems so happy to be there taking pictures.

Buckingham Palace


London is amazing! So much to do and so many beautiful buildings. P.S Do you like my yellow bag? I love it Рit was on sale at Debenhams for £20 РBARGAIN! It looks small but it fits in everything I need, including my water bottle РI never go anywhere without my water bottle!