What is a USP

What is a USP & why you need it to be successful!

When I started out in the media industry producers and programme controllers of TV channels would always ask me ‘What is your usp?’

I would reply with ‘Ummmmmmmmmm, well I am my own USP’ In my head I knew what I was trying to say – I am unique and different to all those other presenters.

However this simply isn’t good enough – you need to show everyone how you are different, unique and special.

But What is a USP?

USP means Unique Selling Point – how are you different to all those other businesses out there? Remember if you are in the media industry working as a presenter, blogger, make up artist etc you still need to think of yourself as a business.

It’s so important to have a niche.

Do you want to make youtube videos about how to cook? That’s great, but how are you going to be different to all those other cooks on youtube? Notice in the example in my video i say ‘I’m going to teach you how to make quick and easy meals’

Voila! That is an example of USP – A chef that posts regular cooking tutorials on youtube about how to make quick and easy meals.

When meeting anyone for a potential job or developing a relationship with a contact always think what sets you apart from other people they are meeting. How are they going to remember you?

Now you won’t make the same mistake as me! When people ask you ‘what is your USP’ be confident and always know what you’re going to say.

Really hope this helps you and gets you thinking about yourself as a business.