So solid crew

VIDEO: Why I LOVE So Solid Crew

When I was 13 I was obsessed with So Solid Crew! The thirty plus crew reformed for a one-off show in 2013 so I thought I would do a vlog about all the reasons why I love them!

Yes I actually thought I was the female member of So Solid Crew, Lisa Maffia. I had the T-shirt, posters, ALL the albums and singles and even brought a hat that looked like one that Lisa used to wear. Wow, I’m shocked I actually had any friends!

Everyone at school even used to call me So Solid V

If you were too young when they came out 12 years ago or never were into them, after watching my special so solid crew video,  you will love them too icon smile VIDEO: Why I LOVE So Solid Crew!


To this day, I think its amazing that when I was a teenager living in a tiny village in Oxfordshire, So Solid Crew still connected with me. The reason I started rapping was because of So Solid Crew (yes I used to rap!) They created accessible music that broke down barriers between a diverse range of people.

I was listening to the grimy sounds and London slang of Brixton while growing up in a place with chickens, grass and cottages! The actual cottage below is unfortunately not mine (my family lived in a terraced house) but shows you a beautiful property in leafy Oxfordshire!

so solid crew

The pictures at the top of this post were the pictures I had on my bedroom wall as a teenager. A massive poster that stated to the world I LOVE So Solid Crew!!!! Can you imagine what my parents must have thought lol

Thank you to Link Up TV for putting together this So Solid Crew documentary. Brought back SO MANY memories and it was so insightful to see Megaman talk about the business side of things.

What was your favourite So solid crew song? Share your memories below, I would love to hear and we can have a fan conversation together!



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