So Solid Crew sign Leanne Jarvis


Megaman from So Solid Crew has signed The Voice contestant Leanne Jarvis. Exciting news!!! Leanne was in the final 3 of team and was known as the girl with the powerhouse vocals. She reminds me so much of Christina Aguilera! Megaman is the driving force and founder of So Solid Crew – I have always admired how he started a phenomenon that has been so big from nothing. No doubt that Megaman signing Leanne is not some random move – he will have planned this and have some strategic plans in place already. For example, Leanne has already filmed her cameo appearance is So Solid’s new single – this firmly places her alliance with her new manager and will get her noticed in the right way.

Oh I want to be part of the brand too!! Somehow I don’t think that will happen as I am slightly obsessed with So Solid Crew, you can watch all the reasons why I love them here!

I caught up with Leanne a few months ago, fresh from her powerful exit on Series 2 of The Voice. I asked her about her future plans and she responded ‘I’m going to work very hard on my music and hopefully get picked up by a major label’

Well in the short space of two months she has done just that and that deserves a BIG WELL DONE! Find out what else she said to me in our exclusive interview.


With happy news comes sad news 🙁 No joke this is actually sad for all you So Solid Crew fans and there are an army of us! As I mentioned Leanne will be appearing in So Solid’s new single. Unfortunately, this will be their last single. YES SO SOLID CREW’S VERY LAST SINGLE.


‘Hot Wid It’ will be the crew’s last ever single as a collective. When I heard it for the first time on 1xtra it just brought back so many memories, nobody will and has ever created that sound. They paved the way for so many artists. Yes, like so many people I am sad but it is the right decision to put out one last single out and then say that last goodbye at a final concert.

Hot Wid It is out in mid September and you know that I’ll be writing a farewell blog post! Sob Sob