Here’s a list of tools I use that will help you in your youtube journey. I’m one of those people that takes weeks to research new products so everything on this page is products I use & trust





I film the majority of my videos on my phone and I use my own branded mini tripod to help me get those great shots.

The tripod fits any phone (yay!) AND compact camera. The 360° screw head means you can film videos in portrait and landscape (great for Youtube)

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  • My first DSLR camera was the Canon 550d
  • I upgraded to the Canon 70d purely for the flip out screen


Check out these LED Video lights, a great option if you’re on a budget

I also use softbox lights for filming clients or if I’m making a video in the evening



When filming youtube videos, footage for your showreel or need some high quality photos for your blog, you need lots of good memory cards.

This is the exact one I use when filming for clients and it has never let me down!

San Disk Ultra, 64GB

what memory card for youtube


1 – Blixxo Lavalier Microphone BLM-10, this lapel microphone plugs straight into my iphone

2 – Rode Video Mic Pro I use for filming at events but many youtubers use it for their weekly videos at home

3 – Zoom H4N for recording my weekly Mum To Millionaire Podcast


4) I love the crisp quality of the Sony ECM 55B which plugs straight into my DSLR camera. You may be able to find some second hand ones on Ebay




When you create a website you need to pay a company to host it for you. There are hundreds of companies to chose from. For the past 5 years I’ve used 4uHosting. Fantastic customer service and very affordable. They have always been so helpful to me and even offer a free domain name – bonus!


Buy a website 

It’s essential to have a website to showcase yourself, whether you are a youtuber, entrepreneur or blogger. You can pay a website designer or there are some great themes on Themeforest that you can use to create your own blog. That’s how I created all my blogs








Hootsuite – Schedule your tweets, facebook, linkedin and more from one place. A free tool but a pro version is also available if you have lots of different social media accounts.


 Fiverr – When starting in business I used this site for so many things. You can get articles written for your blog to a video introduction for your company. I’ve got loads of my logos designed from here including my Real Mauritius Logo Love it!


Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD – This is the editing software I used when I first started making youtube videos. I now use Final Cut Pro X which is a bigger investment, Sony Vegas is great when you’re a beginner


Please note that some of these are affiliate links, I only ever promote products that I have personally tested and used.

Remember only ever buy something you need to help you progress. If you’re starting youtube as a hobby you do not need to buy a £1,000 camera. I still use my phone for lots of my videos xx Happy filming!

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