REJECTION! What NOT to do!

Rejected again?

Trust me I know the feeling very well!

I am the queen of rejection and yes I’ve thought about giving up a handful of times. When I say give up, I really mean giving up my quest for a successful media career and doing something completely different. You know when you get to that point of ‘what is the point’ or ‘will it really ever happen for me’

However, there’s something in me that can’t give up. It sounds cheesy but I’m a fighter. I’m not going to throw away the last ten years. This is my passion – to be a radio presenter.


Turn rejection into motivation

If you are at what may feel like your lowest point use that energy to focus on something positive. Listen to some of the best motivational songs to get you revved up for success.

You may still be thinking what is the point – but ask yourself this ‘what is the point of giving up’ Why would you want to be in a career that you don’t enjoy or love? What’s the point of that?

I would rather keep trying for my whole life than regret not trying enough. If you feel you just keep hitting a wall maybe you need to step back and do something different to achieve your dreams.



Here’s my 5 things to remember when dealing with rejection – do NOT do the following!

1) Get angry at the potential employer.
If you’ve just been rejected from your dream company why would you want to get angry at them? Instead, Keep going. Ask them nicely for feedback and if there was any chance you could come in for a quick chat or even work experience.


2) Negative email
It may be so tempting to send a negative email back to the person who rejected you but quickly kill that urge now! If you do send an email saying that you think it’s stupid you didn’t get the job it will only make them angry and you will make yourself unemployable. Remember the world is small. If you make a bad impression on someone they will tell others which could come back and bite you on the bum years later!


3) Burn bridges
Always remember that the work experience girl or boy could one day be the programme controller of a station that you want to work for. You may be working for a local radio station and they have to let you go because of cuts or your rajar results are low. Hold your head high and be thankful. Hard to do as you just lost your job! But if you burn your bridges and start a hate campaign you won’t get anywhere in your career. People move around their industries so if you burn bridges your burning your future bridges too.


4) Bitch
This is a waste of time!!! There is a reason why you didn’t get that job so try and find it out. Remember there may have been hundreds of people competing for that one job who may have been more qualified or suited for it. Use all those feelings of ‘why didn’t I get the job, I should have got that job, I can’t be bothered anymore’

Instead ask yourself ‘how can I make myself better’


5) Give up

Finally do not give up! The art of rejection is to turn that feeling into something positive. Put all that energy into achieving your dream. Keep moving forward, keep going, keep pushing.