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5 things all new radio presenters must do!

Throughout my many years in the media industry, I’ve found some radio presenters and other media people can be very selfish and all about ‘ME, ME AND ME!’ I really believe in helping each other – this industry isn’t easy and you need to be nice! Let me introduce you to radio presenter Missy D.

Missy D is not my sister – even though with the names Veena V and Missy D it sounds like we are! I first met her at the second radio station I had worked at – Club Asia Radio. I was instantly amazed at her massive fan base, the love she had from her listeners and how successful she was from presenting on a niche station.

Club asia radio Missy said she was ‘baffled’ by how people regarded her as ‘famous’ but it was very simple – she was happy, loved her listeners back and connected with her audience so well.

How I First Got Into Media by Missy D

By complete accident! It was not at all planned, although I did do my BA(Hons) in Media & Communications with Photography. I actually wanted to go into IT, but somehow got interested in the Arts so have been in this field ever since. So after Uni, I trained at CSV Media, Birmingham which landed me work experience on the ‘Good Morning with Anne and Nick’ Show in the ‘pig-pen’, and it was there people randomly kept commenting that

‘you have a great radio presenters voice’.

I had never thought about radio even then, but then I did! One day I was listening to some real bad presenters on a newly opened radio station and thought to myself, “I can do much better than that”, so I sent in a demo recorded on a double deck cassette player and a dodgy microphone! The radio station called me in, but I unfortunately was not offered a presenting job. However they said I could start doing Commercial Voiceovers, so I did.

missy d

From there I progressed to a double-headed weekend show called ‘The Big Mumbai Bash’ on Radio XL in Birmingham. I then did some Drivetime adhoc, and then left to go to Sabras Radio in Leicester as the Breakfast Presenter. I then left there and was offered Breakfast on the notorious Club Asia Radio. That went into administration, I then was asked to Station manage Buzz Asia Radio, and then eventually set up my own Luv Asia Radio Online. Phew, what a journey looking back on it now!

My Top 5 things that all Radio Presenters must do!


1)    Talk to yourself!

It’s the only way I learnt and improved on how I sounded. Try and record yourself as if you are presenting a radio show. Listen back to it, and then improve on what you think could sound better. Plus I would say do it right in front of your family and friends to get over any shyness barriers. You will have to present in front of many strangers and maybe huge teams in studios. For some this does become problematic. So get over your shyness!!

You do not need high tech equipment to do this. Most smartphones have recording devices.

Record. Listen. Delete. Record. Listen, and keep going!

Most importantly when on radio always talk to your listener. Not “hey, how are you guys doing today”. Just “Morning, How are You?”. This engages your listener one on one. They think you are involving them. Always ME and YOU.

 radio presenters presenting tips

Missy D presenting at an event

2)    Radio presenters need to be Original

I do not condone listening to other radio stations. You should listen to anything and everything to widen your knowledge of music genres and all types of presenters. However, and this is hugely important,

develop your OWN presenting style. Be original!

There is ‘right’ way of presenting yourself or personality to the world. There are set ways in which a show should be delivered, and ways in which your radio station would like you to deliver certain things. However the ‘style’ in which you present is all down to you, and only you. Your uniqueness will get you everywhere. You will get nowhere by trying to emulate a style based on another presenter. Big NO NO.


3)    Work experience

All well known radio presenters, ALL started somewhere and most likely from the bottom and climbed that ladder to the top. Unless they were a well known A-list celebrity, they then were just given a show on their name and credentials in the public eye (which I totally disagree with).

So try and get as much unpaid work experience in all aspects of a running radio station as much as you possibly can (I wasn’t paid at first for ages, and then got £2.00 an hour!!!). From making the tea, sorting the papers, researching for the presenter, get in with the producer, hanging out in the newsroom to maybe sitting in on a sales meeting, to a production meeting, to a snoop or music session/meeting.

Being a radio presenter is not just about talking into a microphone.

You totally need to understand how everything is put together and how, to make it sound seamless and enjoyable to the listeners of that station.

New radio presenters tips

 Click to WATCH – How to get into the media industry 


4)    Keep up-to-date with Everything!

I was known as a ‘human hoover’. I have always made sure, as any other radio presenters should that I am bang up-to-date with what is going on in the world. Just because you are not presenting the news bulletin, it does not mean you should not know what is going on around you. Most listeners will expect the person behind the microphone on the radio presenters seat to know everything about anything! Trust me!

Not just news, but know your stuff about celebs and the most popular genres of music and its artists. Know the latest gadgets and things people are into when it comes to lifestyle. Having the knowledge of this, helps with presenting an even more amazing show as it helps with your confidence to know you always have something to talk about. Most importantly thoroughly research any guests that will be on your show. Nothing makes you look more silly when you try and ‘wing it’. Know everything!


5)    Respect Yourself and Respect Others (Including other radio presenters!)

Media is a very very hard industry to be in. I have been in it 18 years and amazed at how I survived. It has not been easy at all. It really is a dog eat dog world.

Many of the stories you hear about sleazy people and what they get up to is totally true.

You as a person need to have total respect for yourself and your skill as I always have, to never have to go down such a route. If you are good, you will get a gig in radio. Period. Many will treat you disrespectfully, and if they do then be vocal about it and then continue with what you do best. Radio Presenting!

Nobody has any right to pressure you into playing songs for them from any record company or talk down to you because of no apparent reason. This is not good management and bad PR. If someone treats you badly persistently, take it up with a higher authority.

Finally respect your listeners and always be polite and talk to them like they are your friends. You will gain much more respect and popularity than the presenter who walks round with an ego and expects people to ask for their autograph.

Stay humble and always do your best!


Thanks Missy D!

What amazing advice from Missy. She really does go into depth about everything new radio presenters need to do – so please make sure you do it!

I strongly believe you need to be more than just a radio presenter these days. That’s why I think its fantastic and rate Missy so much for setting up her own radio station. Be sure to listen to Luv Asia Radio and like them on facebook.

Luv asia radio

Me doing the Luv Asia Radio sign (Yes I know it is the wrong way, but that is the way the photographer told me to do it!)

If you found this article useful please take a second to tweet missy and let her know!




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