Veena V has always had a strong work ethic and secured her first job at the age of 14 as a cleaner in a hotel in Oxfordshire.

She started her radio career at the age of 15, being picked to be one of the last 22 contestants out of thousands in London’s 95.8 Capital FM’s radio star competition.

The winner was given the opportunity to present their own show on the station to over a million listeners. Unfortunately, Veena didn’t win but it made her even more determined to break into the radio industry.

She went on to work as a regional radio presenter in Oxford at the age of 16, whilst working part-time in a shop and studying for her A Levels, managing to get 2 A’s and a B

Her radio highlights include interviewing celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger, attracting more than 100,000 listeners to her radio shows and winning an award from Channel 4 for ‘Best Radio Presenter’


At the age of 21, Veena found out she was pregnant and her life took a huge turn. Leaving an abusive relationship, moving back in with her parents and becoming severely depressed with suicidal thoughts.

In 2011, Veena moved to Essex, now a single Mum with a 2 year old. Her work in the media industry dried up and with no money, she needed to get any job, so started working as a receptionist in the city

Fed up of the 9-5 and her son being in childcare every day where his behaviour was erratic she slowly ventured into the world of business.

In 2015 she set up Mum To Millionaire a podcast to give Mums realistic business advice and document her own journey as a new entrepreneur.

In 2016 she launched her own range of tripods & started training businesses on how to use Youtube to build their brands online. She has now worked with hundreds of clients including Barking & Dagenham council and has even filmed social media videos for Barclays bank.

Veena also co-runs Real Mauritius with her father. 5 star rated self-catering apartments in the paradise island of Mauritius.


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