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THE BRUTAL TRUTH – How to get PAID radio broadcasting jobs

Yes you’ve finally got yourself a job in the radio industry, horray! But now you are struggling to get paid for your passion. What can you do? How can you find paid radio broadcasting jobs and make a career for yourself in the tough, cut throat radio industry?

Fear not! Radio producer, Gabriella Inclaza is here to get you up to speed on the ins and outs. She has many years of experience in radio and her credits include the BBC, Bang Radio and LBC.

I LOVE Gabriella’s honest advice, you won’t get anyone else talking this bluntly about how the radio industry really is. So please watch the video with CAUTION!

Take it away Gabriella……

radio broadcasting jobs


OK, so you’ve volunteered at a community radio station, done work experience at a local commercial station and you are now ready to take the next step and get a paid job? Here are a few tips on how to get started:


How to get paid radio broadcasting jobs


1) Subscribe to the Media UK newsletter as jobs are often advertised there


2) Check certain radio group websites like Global, the largest commercial radio owner in the UK; they often advertise jobs exclusively on their site. If you’re serious about getting paid radio broadcasting jobs then look at all radio job websites including the BBC and regional stations. Make sure you apply straight away, as their openings won’t stay around for long!

how to get into radio

3) Attend radio industry events (check the Radio Academy website for festivals, speeches, lectures, and so on) and stay on top of all radio industry media news, know who’s who and who has moved where. One of the best sources is probably Radio Today so subscribe to their newsletter, but also read the Media section of the national newspapers.


4) Thousands of people like you are applying for the same radio broadcasting jobs, so remember to do your research before applying. Know the station’s output inside out, but also know who’s behind it. For example, don’t apply for a job at a Global radio station if you don’t know who Ashley Tabor is!

How to get into radio

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5) Networking – once you’ve meet people at industry events, follow up with an email, show how keen you are and even willing to do a bit more work experience for free to demonstrate your skills. I’m not a strong believer in cold calling, so I wouldn’t advise sending random emails to people you’ve never met or people on LinkedIn.

Let’s face it, these are people already working very long hours with a lot on their plate, so they probably won’t have time to reply to you and it might make you feel ignored and dent your confidence. Don’t take it personally – I know from my own experience I sometimes don’t even have time to reply to my friends’ emails, let alone a stranger.


Paid radio broadcasting jobs


6) Be confident but humble – when applying, not only say why you want the job but also what would you do if you were in post. Come up with a tangible solution/idea to improve some of that station’s output and explain why.

Just be careful not to criticise the output itself, but especially if you are applying for a commercial station, say why you think your idea could bring in more listening figures (more listeners, more advertising, more revenue for the station – they love that logic!).


7) Tidy up your online presence – if you want to be taken seriously, remove silly photos of you or any compromising material on your Twitter or Instagram. Potential employers will notice these things and sometimes even the smallest thing (like a few expletives) will make them think you could be a liability for their organization and won’t employ you.

It’s a harsh world out there, I know, but would you really want to recruit a presenter who uses the F word in every other tweet? After all, they may say it on air one day by accident and get the station in serious trouble. I, personally, would not risk it.




8) Don’t give up – perseverance is key! Remember there is no easy way in, but if you really have the talent and genuine passion for radio, luck will eventually be on your side.

Good luck!!!!


radio broadcasting jobs


THANK YOU to Gabriella for this honest insight into what goes on in the radio industry. Fab tips on how you can get paid broadcasting jobs – if you liked this post and video please take a second to tweet Gabriella and let her know!

Work smart and hard for your dreams, you’ll get there.

Lots of love, Veena xx



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