No one turns up to Ed Sheeran’s show – time to give up?

If you’re currently feeling demotivated about your dream career or feeling a little bit down, I think you should watch the video below and take a little listen to some of the best motivational songs – instantly feel motivated again!
Ed Sheeran has recorded a video for SBTV about Self Belief. He explains his lowest point as a struggling musician; no record label would take him on and he even played a gig where NO ONE turned up. He actually ended up losing money from his passion, performing.
Ed is an incredible talent, imagine if he just gave up…
Ed Sheeran
I think this is a poignant example of why it is so important to keep focused and no matter what life throws at you, you must keep going. If Ed Sheeran gave up then I wouldn’t be talking about him now, some other artist would be in his place.

If you have a dream keep working hard and keep focused. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

If you feel like giving up take a read of this post first how to achieve your dreams – it’s written by an international, motivational speaker who coaches some of the top executives in the UK – so you’re in great hands!