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New presenter of The Xtra Factor – Matt Richardson!

Okay I know what you are thinking. WHO THE HECK IS MATT RICHARDSON! Why is he the new presenter of the Xtra Factor? Well, to be honest I don’t know! I love the Xtra Factor, its my favourite entertainment programme so I was very intrigued to who Matt was and where he has come from. Also, when I read the news I thought it said Matt Edmonson was the new presenter. I was like YES, I love him. Then I quickly realised, hold on, that doesn’t say Edmonson! Arrgghhh

Facts about the new presenter of the Xtra Factor – Matt Richardson

1) Matt lives in Didcot – I am VERY excited by this fact as I went to school there and spent most of my life there! Didcot is a BIG town in the county of Oxfordshire. If you’ve ever heard of Didcot (you probably don’t have a clue where it is and you may already be thinking that Didcot sounds like a rude word!) You may know it for its famous train station Didcot Parkway or for its very ugly power station.

Oh and to let you know its geographical location – you never know this could come up in a pub quiz (!) – its 10 miles south of Oxford and its a 50 minute train journey from London Paddington.

2) Matt is 21 years old – I wish I was 21 again 🙁

3) Matt Richardson is a male not a female

4) Matt is a comedian and tours the UK regularly

5) The Xtra Factor will be Matt’s first TV presenting role. Can you believe that your first ever presenting role would be stepping up as the new presenter of the Xtra Factor, one of the biggest rating reality shows in the UK!

6) If you are now thinking of stalking Matt, I wouldn’t. He still lives at home with his Mum, Dad and brother in Didcot. So you’ll have three other people to contend with for Matt’s affection!

So there you go all you need to know about the new presenter of the Xtra Factor. The gorgeous 33 year old, Caroline Flack will be back hosting the X Factor spin off  too.

Xtra Factor Presenter - Matt Richardson

Matt and Caroline’s first red carpet together – practicing the pout!

I think everyone will miss the on-screen chemistry between previous Xtra Factor host Olly Murs and Caroline Flack but I’m sure Matt will do a great job and he does seem very funny.

The Xtra Factor is one of my favourite programmes on TV and dare I say it, oh yes go on you twisted my arm so I will say it! I prefer watching the Xtra Factor compared to the actual X Factor! Yes deep I know. The whole production of the Xtra Factor is just so slick. Its unique programming, funny and the thing I resonate with the most is that its just so random!

One thing I do want to say before I go and make myself some hot chocolate and watch some X Factor performances on youtube is, well done to Thames (the company that produce Xtra Factor) on hiring new presenting talent. A lot of radio stations and TV channels tend to hire ‘celebrities’ or the same presenters over and over again. By hiring Matt Richardson, I hope it has a knock on effect and creates a trend of appointing and sourcing fresh talent.

Here’s Matt in action, he actually jokes about Caroline Flack!



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