Great motivational song by Starboy Nathan, Who Am I

I’m a massive fan of Starboy Nathan (formerly known as Nathan) way back from his first single ‘Come into my room’ released back in 2005.

I really hope this song ‘Who Am I’ gets into the Top Ten. It’s a great motivational song and really revs me up to get working harf on all my dreams and goals. Nathan has been working hard for years and when I interviewed him last year I could still see his passion and determination to make it in the music industry. Make sure you listen to the full interview with Starboy Nathan, he oozes an infectious vibe to succeed in life and I hope it will inspire you in some way.

Sometimes I feel my blog is dedicated to people like Starboy Nathan, I’ve written about him so many times! I just respect and feel inspired by Nathan’s ‘never give up’ attitude. He keeps picking himself up and coming back with good quality tracks and videos even though he hasn’t fully ‘made it’, yet.

I think it’s so important to spread the message of ‘never giving up’ – you create the life you want to live. Do you want to be depressed and broke for the rest of your life? I sure don’t! So wherever you are in life right now, keep working hard and FOCUS on what makes you happy. It may be a bumpy ride but focus on the positive and being happy every day.

I salute you Nathan!

Starboy Nathan, Who Am I