My Photoshoot – Why you need one too!

Take a watch of what happened on my latest photoshoot. I needed some fresh shots to reflect my more mature self (after all I am getting older!) and I also needed some corporate style pictures for my video production and filming business. 

If you are in the creative sector it is so important for you to get high quality, professional shots done. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in front of the camera. You still need at least one good headshot to display on your social media accounts and website.

Veena V and Ashleigh MUA

Thanks to the lovely guys at Central Working for hosting my photoshoot, Make up artist Ashleigh and Photographer Simi for a fun shoot and capturing some great pics.


Make up artist Ashleigh on ‘Why make up artists need good photos’

– Promotes your work and make up on models in the best way possible

–  High quality photos make you look professional

– Put them on your website and social media accounts to show you are a reputable make up artist.

– A lot of other Make up artists have professional photos on their website. You need to be on the same level as them. If someone is looking to book a Make up artist and you’re photos aren’t professional, instantly they will book someone else – even if you are ‘better’ than them.

Kim Kardashian inspired make up


Me – ‘Why new presenters need professional shots’

– First get yourself a website. Or set up your own blog. Read my resources page for all the things to help you to get started

– Get professional pictures of you interviewing people, you with a microphone, headphones, anything that is related to your profession. Also when you start getting featured in your local press or on other people’s blogs – you need good headshots that are of very high quality.

– If you’re serious about your presenting career I would suggest getting a photoshoot done sooner rather than later

Veena V Presenter


Simi the photographer ‘Why everyone in the media industry needs professional photos’

– In the media your selling yourself so you have to give yourself the best opportunity to be eligible for any role. Sending pictures of yourself from your iphone doesn’t look as good as professionally shot photos – especially when all your competition will have high quality photos.

– Hiring a professional photographer is a good idea as they know what they are doing. They can give you guidance on how to pose and will get the best out of you.

– It’s not just about hiring a photographer, you have to look good – you need to hire a make up artist too.




Oh I feel like I’m writing a GCSE Science exam now. The conclusion of this post is; take the time to get high quality photos of yourself and your business.

You instantly look professional and it shows you are putting effort into your work. If you believe in yourself and your work then other people will believe in you.


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Love you  xXx