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7 Steps to Motivate Yourself NOW!

One of the things I love about career and life coach Anita Dhanjal is that she gives realistic advice. When I met Anita to talk about how mums can focus on their dreams she came across as very compassionate. Even though she advises people she said that she is still learning every day and it was great to hear a professional admit this.

Here’s Anita’s post especially designed for you to motivate yourself

7 Steps to Motivate Yourself NOW!

 One of the key problems I notice as a Career & Life Coach are the highs and lows of motivation in people.  When people are feeling high with motivation, it can bring happiness, boost in energy, opportunities and success! On the flip side the lack of motivation can make one feel down, perhaps a bit lost, which can lead into a negative mind set and procrastination.

 Motivation is something that energises us and helps us to take action.   If we want to get things done then ability to motivate ourselves is very important.

So what causes the lack in motivation? Some of the main reasons I have come across which can cause a downward spiral are:

  • Lack of direction
  • Lack of focus
  • Low confidence
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Lack of interest
  • Fear of failure

Sound familiar? It does to a lot of people; however there are simple steps you can take to ensure you bounce back on to a positive and motivated pathway! The key is to remember that in life we always have a ‘choice’ of what we want to feel like. We are in total control of whether we choose to be on a motivated and ‘positive’ frequency or on low frequency, therefore an element of self- responsibility is vital here.

So how can you switch the down feeling into a more empowering feeling?


Motivate yourself now

Here are 7 energising ways to motivate yourself:

  • Define clear goals/dreams/desires for yourself.  These could be career or personal and it will give you a sense of direction as well as purpose in life.
  • Be specific about what you want to have, be or do so you know what direction you are heading in.
  • Create action plans by breaking your goals/ideas down into smaller steps and tackle them one at a time to avoid feeling over whelmed.
  • Have an end time to your action plan and smaller steps so that you remain focussed as well as maintaining the drive and motivation.
  • ‘Choose’ to stay on a positive frequency and try seeing life with the analogy of  “the glass half full” instead of “glass half empty”
  • Hang around with people who inspire you and have lots of positive energy
  • Read or research more about what it is you want, to keep you excited about working to get it, for example; read biography’s about people who have already done it, use the power of Google to search and make notes in a diary or special notebook and speak to people that impress you, perhaps have experience or can point you in the right direction or right people to connect with.


Motivation is unique to each of us, so what motivates you may not motivate others so it is important to select your own unique steps to inspire yourself.  Try going for the easiest step first and you’ll find once you get started you will be on a roll!

Motivate yourself - Anita Dhanjal

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