Mike hough

Mike Hough proves Simon Cowell wrong

I think I’m actually in love with this guy! But who is Mike Hough?

A few years ago he didn’t even get through the first round of X Factor. Simon Cowell said he would never be good enough. Rather than taking this as a negative, Mike used that one line Simon said to him as inspiration to keep on going. Everything really does happen for a reason, if Simon didn’t say that to Mike maybe he wouldn’t be as motivated as he is today.

5 things you need to know about Mike Hough

1) Mike is a singer and songwriter from Dagenham in East London (I used to live there too!)

2) His youtube videos receive hundreds of thousands of hits

3) Mike Hough covers a lot of songs but he has also released several original tunes which are just so well written and once you’ve heard them you’ll be hitting repeat!

Mike hough

4) Mike used to work in a bank, now he works in the music industry full time.

5) Following on from his X Factor audition, Mike worked hard, built up a youtube following and in 2011 was nominated for a MOBO award – fellow nominees included none other than Adele!

I love Mike’s voice and I still play his first original song over and over again! It’s called ‘Nothing to lose’ and I always play it before I have a big audition or interview. Seriously, listen to it below and you will do the same. It’s one of my best motivational songs


Mike hough documentary

It’s Mike’s dream to perform at the O2 arena in London and this mini documentary shows him living his dream! So how did a boy from Essex manage to play at the O2? If you’re a budding singer take note of these points;

  • Gigs – Mike has been playing lots of gigs up and down the UK. Performing to as many people as he can and building his fan base
  • Youtube – It all started for Mike hough on youtube. To this day he still covers songs in his own unique way and uploads videos consistently. That is the key, high quality videos that are consistent 
  • Social media – Keeping active on social media and interacting with his fans
  • Working hard – Mr Hough has been working hard for years. It’s all about putting in that graft. If he didn’t dedicate his time and energy to playing gigs, making youtube videos and building his fanbase he wouldn’t be playing the O2 arena!