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CHEAP LED Video lights for DSLR – REVIEW

Just splashed out on a brand new DSLR camera? Are you now thinking ‘Oh goodness I still need decent sound and lighting!!’ Fear not, today I’m reviewing some cheap LED video lights.

Fortunately with the likes of amazon and ebay we can buy very cheap lighting that can still do the job of more expensive lights.

The lights I brought are only £15.48 from ebay and are called ‘160 led video light lamp panel 12w dimmable for Canon DSLR camera’ – the reason it’s got the number 160 in it it because there are 160 little led lights in this single panel.



led video lights



Pros of cheap led video lights

  • They are cheap! For £15.48 this was a great buy – postage and packing was free and it came within a few days of ordering from ebay
  • Comes with a hot shoe – you can directly mount this onto your dslr camera. There is no need to buy any other equipment to use these led video lights
  • It’s small and light – pop it in with your camera in your camera bag
  • You have a choice of how you want to power it; 6 AA batteries (I use rechargeable ones) or a Sony or Panasonic camera battery


 Click image to go to product – I found it for even cheaper on Amazon!


Cons of cheap led video lights

  • They are cheap! Everything is made out of cheap plastic
  • I’ve had my lights for a few months and the hot shoe hasn’t broke – but it seems like it could any second!
  • My biggest con with these lights is that there is no cover for the batteries. This makes it look cheap and unprofessional


led video lights



I love writing the word ‘conclusion’ as I feel like I’m back in school! Okay so overall I would highly recommend getting these lights. They are a bargain price and actually do a very good job. As you can see from the video above, when I turn the led video lights on it completely transforms the look of my video. My faces is very well lit and looks great.

I brought the 160 led video lights on ebay for £15.48 but have just found it for slightly cheaper on Amazon (every penny counts!) Click here to see it

led video lights


Okay so you’ve got some lighting sorted now what about audio? Have a watch of why I brought the Zoom h4n 

Please comment below if you’re thinking about buying these or maybe you’ve brought ones that are similar? Would love to hear from you. Tweet me, I always tweet back 🙂

Veena V xx




  1. I’ve got one of these… they’re very bright/ harsh and can blind you if you look directly into them. I would recommend covering with a white or transparent plastic bag to diffuse of of the light.

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