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Karen David is a singer, songwriter and actress who I first interviewed back in 2006. You’ll know her from her great acting skills as Francesca Montoya in BBC’s Waterloo Road, The Scorpion King 2 and also ABC’s once upon a time. She is a VERY busy bee and has somehow managed to get married in between her hectic filming schedule!

In our little chat we talk kids, the key to a successful relationship and also why One Direction have been tweeting her!


Super sexy Karen David you’re back! Where are you right now? Set the scene for us so we can get comfy.

Haha. I am dividing my time between London and L.A for both my music and acting, so life is pretty busy. Especially with having tied the knot, finishing filming on a new British indie film, and my music.



Good plug! A lot of people may presume that because you’ve been quiet on the music front that you’ve just been chilling by the pool. But I know this hasn’t been the case! Give us 5 words to sum up what you’ve been up to.

Chilling by the pool?! Haha I wish!

Sum up in 5 words… that’s impossible! Lol. How about I sum it up in a nutshell? I needed some time to figure out what kind of sound I was looking for, music wise, at this point in my life. All artists experiment with different music directions, some even reinvent themselves, and sometimes that can take a week, or a month, or even a year.


Now, I must say a huge congratulations you are now happily married!

Thank you! I couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect day. I’m still getting used to having to say, ‘my husband’. Lol. But when you meet the right person who understands you and you’re both fundamentally on the same page in life, it feels like a wonderful miracle! 🙂


Karen David Interview

 Karen and Carl’s Wedding

Awwww! That’s so sweet, I actually feel like crying! What do you think the key is to having a lasting relationship?

A lot of people think that love is enough to make a relationship work, let alone a marriage, But it’s so much more than just love. It’s easy to fall in and out of love. But, respect, patience, understanding and communicating clearly to one another are fundamentals to making a partnership work. Listening to each other, helping each other, and being supportive also help a relationship flourish. It’s like taking care of a flower… you have to nurture and water it for it to grow and flourish.


Love that analogy. So Karen… any patter of little footsteps on the way? 🙂

Haha. Not quite yet, although my mother and husband’s mother, would be very happy if we did. It’s something we have definitely talked about and maybe we will in the future.


Your husband Carl is a music producer who has worked with big names such as The Saturdays – what a talented couple you are! Is he going to be producing any tracks for you?

I’ve worked with Carl on my new EP. He produced and mixed some of the tracks on it, so I’m very lucky to have him involved. He’s incredibly supportive of my music and we write very well together, which is a relief! (Can you imagine if we didn’t? lol) Not that I’m biased of course, but he is such a talented songwriter-producer. I love listening to the new songs he writes with different artists and other songwriters everyday.


Karen david acting tips


I love your song ‘Daydreamer’ – Its such a fun, catchy song. I think it really highlights who ‘Karen David’ is and the tone of your voice sounds gorgeous. Is this your new musical direction?

Yes, it is the new sound for me, and it’s a sound that resonates with what I’m all about. I wanted to create songs that would make people smile and feel good about themselves and give them some food for thought, but in a fun way. I’m so chuffed that you love the song, and the response from the fans and even some celebs, like Liam from One Direction, Beyonce’s cousin, actress, Shanica Knowles to Dancing with the Stars judge, Carrie Ann Inaba, has been amazing! 🙂

This EP was very much inspired by my childhood where I tapped back to a place when I was a little girl and remembering why I wanted to make music in the first place. I remember sitting in front of the television and watching with my older sister, Xanadu. I was hooked!

I wanted to sing and act like Olivia Newton John whom my older sister had posters of on her bedroom wall. I remember that feeling I had…it was like yesterday. That’s what inspires me to this day.


Wow! Your parents must be so proud. Yes as you mentioned Liam from One Direction tweeted your video! Did you freak out a little?

 Lol I felt like a teenage girl. I think Carl was highly amused when I was squealing over his tweet about the video. It was a wonderful moment. 🙂


It must be nice to get recognition from fellow artists.

I think it’s so wonderful that a successful artist like Liam from One Direction, and the others who tweeted about the Daydreamer video, support new talent, and new music. Respect! 🙂 Their acknowledgement and support certainly meant a lot!


What would be your inspirational advice for others wanting to make it in the entertainment industries?

You have to start from somewhere in the beginning and as you progress and work harder towards making those dreams come true, you have all kinds of possibilities of reaching the stars, so to speak. It just takes a bit of persistence and vision to see what is possible. 🙂



Love you KD!

Really hope you enjoyed this Karen David Interview

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