Jay Sean interview, lies & rap battle against me!

London boy Jay Sean interview just before he makes it BIG in America with his massive hit ‘Down’. When I was a teenager and completely obsessed with So Solid Crew I decided to become a rapper! The phase lasted for about two years and then I randomly stopped and got into the radio industry – you can read more about my secret past here!

So why am I talking about being a rapper? Well in this interview with Jay Sean I re-live my rapping days by challenging the RnB superstar to a rap battle.

Jay Sean interview – big lie revealed!

When this interview was recorded Jay Sean’s single ‘Stay’ was released which featured RnB singer, Thara, from New York in the video. Now, fast forward to the present and Thara and Jay Sean are happily married with a baby girl being born in 2013.

Jay sean interview

However, in this interview Mr ‘Ride It’ states that he is not going out with Thara. Was he lying? Probably! Maybe they weren’t going out at this stage but I think it’s quite likely they were. Can’t really blame him for not telling the truth – if it was the start of their relationship would you really want everyone to know your personal business? I sure wouldn’t.

Jay sean married

Jay sean interview

What we learn about Jay Sean in our little video

1) He’s a good actor

2) Jay is a millionaire

3) Mr Sean is a very good freestyle rapper

4) Girls (including myself) faint around him all the time! Watch the video to find out what I mean!


Jay Sean


Jay Sean went through an extremely ‘poppy’ and commerical phase which didn’t suit him at all – he even called himself a hypocrite. More recently he returned to his sexy RnB jams and that’s what we all love him for. Sex 101 is one of my fav songs on Jay’s mixtape ‘The Mistress’ that was released for free! You’ve got a heap load of the usual sexy ladies in the video for the track but Mr Sean is looking very hench indeed, so not just a video for the fellas!



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