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Millionaire Jacqueline Gold Named Me As Her Top Businesswoman

My brand Mum To Millionaire is now an award-winning business! I am one of the 3 top businesses personally chosen by highly successful businesswoman, Jacqueline Gold, in her WOW competition.

Jacqueline is the CEO of Ann Summers, 500 Million net worth, and appointed CBE for her services to entrepreneurship. Last year thousands of female entrepreneurs entered her WOW competition which aims to recognise the achievements of working women in the UK.

In August I was named one of her weekly winners and in January 2018 found out I was one of her overall winners of the year.

My business Mum To Millionaire gives parents realistic tips and advice on starting a business from scratch. It’s a podcast, youtube channel and networking events for women in London and Essex. With a series of ebooks and affordable membership programs launching later this year.


jacqueline gold wow winner

Mum To Millionaire is different because it gives the truth about becoming a business owner. It’s not the idyllic image of a women holding a laptop and a baby at the same time! Sometimes the truth is brutal, and Mum To Millionaire doesn’t shy away from it.

I strive to be as honest as possible through documenting my own business journey and also encourage my podcast guests to be open too. These guests are all successful in their own right; from a single mum who became deputy leader of the council to a Mum of 1 who turned over 4.5 Million in her business last year


Jacqueline Gold chose Mum To Millionaire as one of her top businesses for this reason

‘I look for businesses that have a unique or interesting business model and have filled a gap in the market. I also look for businesses which have identified strong brand values and who I think have the potential to grow and develop into an even more successful business


I’m so thankful to Jacqueline for picking me as one of her top businesses and I still can’t quite believe it! In March I met her at the Ivy in central London for lunch. Myself and the other 2 winners discussed different ways of growing our businesses and got some quality 1-2-1 time with her.

In September, I’ll be going to the Ann Summers HQ for a full day of mentoring with Jacqueline and her team. An amazing opportunity and I can’t wait to interview her on the Mum To Millionaire podcast soon.



  • Veena V is an award-winning radio presenter turned entrepreneur. She started Mum To Millionaire as a podcast in 2015 to document her own business journey.


  • The podcast has had over 32,000 downloads and attracts a global audience. The largest group of listeners in the last 3 months have been from America, which makes up 47% of downloads.



  • The Mum To Millionaire meetups in London attracts a diverse range of women who want to start or grow their business. One businesswoman described it as ‘the best networking event I have ever been to’