How to market yourself

How to market yourself AND GET NOTICED!

There are so many ways to market yourself online by creating a blog, being active on social media, correctly optimizing your linkedin profile. However, today we are taking it back to basics – how to market YOURSELF – invest time, energy and money in yourself.

Joining me on this video is marketing and branding expert Carol Reay. She is extremely knowledgeable, very personable and has worked with some big corporate companies. She also headed her own successful advertising agency – so we’re in great hands!

Before we go into Carol’s 5 tips about how to market yourself here are some bonus ones!


7 Ways to market yourself and get noticed 



Now please this doesn’t mean annoy people! However, you need to keep in the minds of people. I think once I was very close to stepping over that ‘Oh my god she is annoying’ line but thankfully my persistence paid off.

I would always email this TV producer with updates about what I’m doing, if I could come in for work experience. Then one day after about a year of contact my email hit his inbox at the right time. They were launching a new show and needed a presenter – the consistant contact turned into 12 months of on and off paid work.





Stop thinking about how to market yourself and just do it! I watch A LOT of youtube videos about business, marketing, social media techniques but its no use just consuiming information you have to act on it.

When I watch a video I make notes about relevant things I can implement in my businesses. I then slowly go through my list and do them.



If you’ve worked on a project and its done well be pleased with it. Take 5 minutes to really think what you did well, what was your contribution if you worked as a team.


Put an update on linkedin, facebook with what you’ve just achieved. Email the RIGHT  and RELEVANT people about it.

One thing that may be overlooked is your manager. Let your boss know what you have done especially if you work in a large company.


How to market yourself



Even if you’re out on a social evening, remember you’re always selling yourself. Don’t put yourself down. If you’ve just written a great article, drop it into a conversation.



Dress and present yourself in a way that you feel good. By doing this you will feel more comfortable – this will make you come across as being much more confident.

Make sure you feel good from within and the rest will follow


photoshoot tips

For tips on how to look good in your profile pictures click the image above


Americans for example are great at telling people what they’ve done, what they are doing. However here in the UK we think we are boasting if we shine light on our strengths. You need to get over this – I’ve got to say this lets me down when marketing myself. I never even used to tell people I was a radio presenter or that I had won an award for it. I’m slowly getting better and you will too!

As Carol said in her 5 ways how to market yourself video, sometimes you are not in situations to make friends, you are there to sell yourself.




Maybe you’ve come to this article searching for hardcore ‘offline’ ways about how to market yourself – but I believe this marketing tip is the most important one to remember.

It’s a crowded place in the world, there’s already hundreds of businesses, presenters, bloggers already out there but drill this into your mentality

You are unique and you deserve your place in the world

how to market yourself


NO ONE can bring the same ideas as you in your style, you are special and do things in your own way. I think this is especially important to remember when you get ‘rejected’ from a job. It’s not that the other person is ‘better’ than you, you just weren’t right for that company at that time. Your ideas and talent are still valid – you are unique.

You deserve to be in your job – you deserve to be where you dream to be


Thank you to the wonderful Carol Reay for her 5 ways how to market yourself. Don’t forget to tweet Carol if you liked these marketing tips.

Comment below if you would like more marketing and business videos like this – what one marketing tip will you put into action today?

Veena V xx