How to make a showreel

How to make a showreel for FREE

Yay so you’ve made the first step- you’ve finally decided to make a showreel! In this video and blog post you will learn how to make a showreel. If you’ve popped over from my youtube channel and are looking for my secret bonus tip – scroll down to the bottom of this post.

For aspiring TV Presenters a showreel is a short video that shows off your presenting skills in the best light possible. If you don’t have any footage IT DOES NOT MATTER.

Grab yourself your phone or camera and start filming yourself interviewing people and talking directly to the camera. If you want to be a children’s TV presenter then why not film yourself making something or baking some fairy cakes.


How to make a showreel and what is a showreel

The reason to make a high quality showreel is to show people exactly who you are and what you can do. Agents, producers and managers of TV channels can see if you’re a right fit for them and see if you have any potential.



  • Producers, Agents, Managers get sent THOUSANDS OF SHOWREELS. Keep yours short. They tend to only watch the first 30 seconds
  • Put your best bits first – grab their attention
  • Video quality of a showreel doesn’t matter – an iphone’s video will do.
  • You don’t need celebrities like Alesha Dixon in your showreel to make it amazing (even though she is gorgeous) – simply film yourself in your garden, shopping center or local park


How to make a showreel for free – The key ingredients 

  1.  Something that can film you; a DSLR, a point and shoot camera or quite simply your mobile phone or web cam
  2. Someone that can film you; you can film yourself but to make the process easier grab a friend to be your cameraman for the day
  3. Editing software

How to make a showreel - editing software

Remember you’re not editing the X Factor! All you need is a simple cut and trim of your footage. I used windows movie maker for YEARS before finally upgrading to Sony Vegas last year and it did a great job.

A quick search for free editing software will show you lots of different programs that all basically do the same thing. I get freaked out by downloading things from random sites; therefore I would stick with windows movie maker or imovie which should already be installed on your computer.


BONUS TIP – How to get your showreel professionally edited for FREE

Okay so you’ve made your showreel and edited it on movie maker. It looks good but you just wonder what it would look like if an editor got his or hers hands on it. Before I could edit properly I used this tip and it works fantastically well!

When your on a budget in life sometimes you just need to be creative and use your imagination


  • Post your own ad on gumtree saying you are looking for an editor to edit together a showreel for you. PLEASE BE UPFRONT and say you don’t have a budget BUT you will promote them and give them a credit.
  • Reply to ads already on gumtree from editors. BE CAREFUL with this option though. Remember editing is the way some people make their money to live so don’t be pushy in asking for a freebie.

I used this option once and a guy told me I’d never find anyone wanting to edit for free! The next day I had 3 replies from editors saying they would love to edit my showreel in return for a credit.

How to make a showreel



Another way to get your video footage edited for free is to team up with a university or college student. It’s always a great idea to collaborate, so if a student needs some experience editing then its a win – win situation.


I would LOVE to see your showreels – leave a link below and we can all watch them together. Can’t wait to see what you produce. If any of these tips have helped you please comment below too

Lots of love, Veena xx 




  1. Anastassia Perets

    Hi Veena! I made a showreel and was wondering if you could have a look at it. Most of it is stuff I just filmed myself, thank you so much! I am aiming towards children’s television, like teens. Love your work!

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