How to get into radio

6 ways of how to get into radio

There are many ways of how to get into radio – but remember getting into the radio industry can be tough, so be prepared for knockbacks. Radio people are very busy and may not respond to your initial email, but keep going – it will be worth it.


6 different ways of how to get into radio 



Over the first ten years of my media career I entered LOADS of presenter competitions. Even if you don’t win they are still  a great way to get noticed. They are also beneficial because they force you to be creative as you have to usually put together a unique piece of audio or video.

First Radio Presenter Job - Capital FM

This is how I actually got into radio. I entered a presenter competition on Capital FM in London. I made a demo using a black cassette recorder (!) and sent it off in the post (showing my age now!) To my utter surprise I was a finalist. I didn’t win (sob sob) BUT I used the audio from the competition to get me noticed at my local radio station.

Further on in my career I was also entered into the Channel 4 awards. This has a  happy ending (yay!) I won the award for ‘Best Radio Presenter’

SO if you were thinking how can entering a competition be a way of how to get into radio – well I’m living proof it works!

 How to get into radio




You have a better chance of getting into radio if you start at your local radio station. Don’t be put off if it’s a tiny place and only 5 people work there – WHO CARES. You are more likely to get some great experience and training at your small, local radio station.

Get in and then work your socks off – WARNING be prepared to work for FREE – I did 2 years of unpaid work!



Most radio stations will have a dedicated section on their website for you to apply for work experience. If they don’t find out the name of the programme controller and email them.


how to get into radio

The larger organisations like the BBC have an application process. Think about your answers carefully and show your passion for radio. If you don’t get accepted for work experience, keep going, try different stations, apply for different work placements.

When I was around 18 I applied to the BBC a few times but was always unsuccessful! In my later life, I ended up presenting shows on BBC Essex – so just never give up! You never know what your future holds.

How do I be a radio presenter - Veena V



Show everyone in the radio industry that you are serious by making your own demos. You don’t even need to have experience at a radio station to do this. Just pretend you are already working for your local radio station – record yourself – and send it to them.

If you want to be a radio producer send ideas of radio show features or audio of you producing a friend. Show radio people that you mean BUSINESS!






‘Veena why are you going on about videos? Radio is audio’ I hear you cry!

Yes you’re right, radio is audio but it’s more than that now. To be a great radio presenter you also now need to be comfortable presenting on camera. For example, take the radio station Kiss. The breakfast show presenters record a daily video called the ‘Kiss Breakfast Takeaway’ which are VIDEO highlights from their RADIO show

Creating videos will show your creativity, passion and potential to future employers that you can be behind a microphone AND in front of a camera

how to get into the radio industry



I never went to Uni but sometimes I wish I did just to be part of the whole student radio experience! Radio stations (especially Radio 1) look to Student Radio for new talent – so don’t underestimate it.

Treat your show like you were already a professional radio presenter. Same goes for community radio. I know it may be frustrating if you’re not getting paid but it is an amazing place to get experience, so give it your best shot.

How to get into radio


There are so many ways of how to get into radio – you need to try them all.

Think outside the box, if one way isn’t working then try another way.


Don’t forget to share this post if you found it useful and tweet me to let me know how your getting on! I would love to know.

Love you and keep going xx



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