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How To Become An Actor: 5 Top Tips From Karen David

How to become an actor – People ask me this question and I haven’t got a clue, I can’t even act! That’s why I have drafted in the multi-talented Karen David to help you.
Karen is a successful singer, songwriter and actress. She’s starred in many shows including Waterloo Road, Pixelface and The Scorpion King, to name a few. She’s gorgeous (she is naturally beautiful!) and to top off that perfect mix Karen has always stayed humble – that’s what I love about her!


Here’s Karen’s top 5 tips on how to become an actor or actress and also she shares her story on how she got into acting in the first place – I love her motivation and determination to make things happen from a young age
how to become an actor


How to become an actor
Karen David playing school teacher, Cesca Montoya in Waterloo Road


 How Karen David Started

I was 4 years old when my life changed. My older sister, sat me down one afternoon and we both watched Xanadu. As soon as I saw Olivia Newton John sing like an angel, and act like a true superstar, I was bitten hard! It was at that very moment that I had decided to become an actress and a singer, just like her.


I also wanted to be blonde and blue eyed like her too, but that obviously was never gonna happen! lol I told my parents immediately what I wanted to do with my life, and though my parents were not surprised, (my mother always said since I was a baby, I’d always be singing and dancing, and dressing up in her clothes and shoes at 3 years of age), they told me that they had absolutely no connections to the entertainment industry and that I would have to work extremely hard to make things happen for myself.


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They went on further to say that I had to show initiative if this is really what I wanted to do – and that’s exactly what I did. A couple of years later, I had seen an ad in the local paper looking for cute kids for a new agency, and I tore that section out and snuck into my parents’ bedroom, (where the telephone was), and I called the agency myself. I managed to get the casting director on the phone, and well…that’s when I got my start in acting. I never looked back, always moving forward and everyday since then,


I always made sure that I would do something, big or small, that would take me one step closer to achieving my goals.

How To Become An Actor

Karen David’s Top 5 Tips 


1. Do your research

Be the homework gal or the homework guy. If you want to break into the world of acting, or music, go read biographies, or check out the careers of those actors/actresses or musicians that you aspire to be like.


Find out where they trained, who managed them, who there lawyers or agents, and managers were. Read about the experiences and learn from them. Never be afraid to ask questions, but don’t say, and ask, ‘I want to be actor. How do I do it?’. That’s my pet peeve question when some people ask me that.


Like any other career one pursues, acting or being a musician is a calling in life. You just know you HAVE to pursue it. And when you have that strong, undeniable feeling in your gut, you know exactly what to do then.


You put yourself out there and you ‘just do it’


You don’t wait for the phone to ring. You make that phone ring only by your actions of what you do to help yourself.


karen david tips how to be an actress
 Karen David starring in ABC’s Once Upon A Time


2. Have a good head on your shoulder.

A good attitude will open all doors and people will always want to work with you. If you have integrity in what you do, you will always be on time, be prepared and ready, that’s professionalism.


3. Determination.

My third tip to become an actor is that you really have to have faith in yourself, and to be strong emotionally and spiritually. There will be a lot of rejections, and sometimes things may not go your way, but if you are focused and persistent and you keep on working hard, improving your craft, you will make it.


Motivation technique
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4. Learn from your mistakes, always strive to be the best you can be.

It’s not a competition with others. You have to be yourself to truly shine from within, and as long as you give it your best shot, you will never have any regrets.


5. Network.

Have mentors, go and ask as many questions as you need to from other people in the business, and treat others the way you would want to be treated. You never know, the runner boy could be the next big director one day.
How to be an actor

 Karen on set filming for american series Galavant

A BIG Thank you to the talented Karen David. You can just feel her passion and determination for acting even through this written article. Fantastic five tips on how to become an actor


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One thing that I have learnt, like Karen has mentioned above, is don’t wait for the phone to ring – JUST GO OUT AND DO IT!


Veena V xx


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