How to achieve your dreams

Feel like giving up? Try these 5 things before you do! How to achieve your dreams

You’re at that point aren’t you. You’ve hit rock bottom. As a last resort, you’ve even searched on google for How to achieve your dreams. Yes, I have been there many times. I give up, I’m not doing this anymore. Getting constant knock backs, people slamming that door shut in my face.

‘We don’t have any opportunities here but keep in touch’ 

‘You haven’t been successful on this occassion’ 

Or the worst thing about rejection, when they don’t even reply! No email, no explanation to why I didn’t get the job, just silence. I give up! Is all this work and heart ache even worth it?

Well it is. I’ve tried to give up a handful of times and my mind and heart just won’t let me.

Please don’t give up. I know it’s hard but you just have to keep going. Wouldn’t you rather live your life working towards and achieving your dreams rather than constantly saying ‘what if’ or thinking what could have been

So your on your last straw. What can you do? Well, the fabulous and talented performance coach, international speaker and motivator, Manj Weerasekera, is here to help us out with some fantastic tips that will change your way of thinking and help you achieve your dreams.


Manj’s Top 5 Tips

How to achieve your dreams

1) Switch your thoughts and inner language from the negative to the positive; think and speak only of the things that you really do want to happen and instantly you will be thinking like a Super-Achiever.

E.g “One day I would love to be a successful businesswomen, but it probably will never happen.”

 Change this sentence to a more empowering one and state it as if it has already happened:

“I am a successful businesswomen. Focused, energised and living my dream!”

how to achieve your dreams

2) Ignore any negative impacts of the past and only focus on the outcomes. learn from your ‘failures’ and call it feedback, and only speak the language of success and achievement. Draw a line in the sand and move forward. Nothing else is relevant. Success is the only possible option for you.


3) Point 3 in how to achieve your dreams may be challenging for some people. You need to stop referring to failures from your past. If you’re the type of person that does this, you need to stop it immediately. It’s the perfect way to condition yourself for failure and one sure-fire way of sabotaging your goals.  Besides, would you go to see a bad movie at the cinema over & over? Just do the opposite and refer to past successes, no matter how small they may be.

Go on, be the star and load a great movie instead!


4) Life follows thought; so be careful what you think. Where your thinking goes, your energy flows! There’s no point in setting goals or resolutions for the year and then having uncontrolled thoughts about not achieving them. Wrong thoughts activate the wrong filters in your mind and you end up attracting the wrong situations.

How to achieve your dreams

Make sure your thinking supports the outcomes you desire.

Make this a daily practice and activate the Positive Thinker behind the Thoughts.


5) When going for your goals, ignore the negative circumstances around you. This is another trait of super-achievers and of the high-net worth entrepreneurs that I coach. They do not allow any negativity around them to knock them off course; this includes negative people as well. So make sure you put on your ‘negativity deflection armour’ and keep going

Manj Weerasekera

I hope this post ‘how to achieve your dreams’ has inspired you in some way and has given you a reason not to give up. If it did, please take a sec to tweet Manj Weerasekera and let him know!

Here’s even more great advice from Manj in this radio show below and don’t forget to download his free success system from his website.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes

‘Don’t give up – Get through it’


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