London 2012

GO TEAM GB! Too much pressure on Athletes?

Since the Opening Ceremony I have been addicted to the Olympics. I am so proud of Team GB they are all doing so well!

Every four years I get this massive buzz and urge to take up some kind of sport, I do my research, find local club / gyms that are near me but then I never end up going!!! Watching London 2012 has given me a bigger buzz than ever before so this time I have promised I am going to do some kind of exercise, even if its just going swimming once a week.

London 2012 Olympics

The only negative comment I can make on the Olympics is the pressure we are putting on Athletes, especially Rebecca Adlington. As soon as she qualified for the 800M swimming it started, even the commentators were saying she is going to win Gold for Team GB. Everyone was saying this gold medal is guaranteed, but nothing is ever guaranteed.

I felt so emotional for Rebecca when she swam, she didn’t manage the Gold, but she still won TWO BRONZE MEDALS! That is AMAZING. Imagine all the athletes who are swimming since they were tiny and don’t even make it into Team GB. Its an acheivement for anyone even to compete in the Olympics, so Rebecca Adlington I salute you!

I love how one of the mottos for the Olympics this year is ‘Inspire a generation’ – London 2012 is truly inspiring for everyone.

London 2012 Olympics

I’m also still buzzing from the three golds we won on Super Saturday! Three fantastic achievements in the space of 45 minutes for Jessica Ennis, Greg Rutherford and Mo Farrah.

GO TEAM GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!