How to become a TV presenter

The first 8 steps to becoming a TV Presenter

I recently caught up with TV presenter Leah Charles-King and we discussed the first things you need to do if you want to become a TV Presenter. Leah has been in the industry for over a decade and started life as a children’s TV presenter for CITV and The Disney Channel.

There is so much advice out there and it can be overwhelming so here are the first 8 steps you need to take.


The first 8 steps to becoming a TV Presenter



If you don’t have determination to be a presenter don’t do it. What makes you passionate? Whatever it is, follow that. Becoming a TV Presenter is very difficult, people want to knock you down. One minute your up, then you’re down – it is a very tough industry.

I have cried many times in the past from not getting that radio presenting job I really wanted but you have to get back up, stay strong and never give up.


If you wake up thinking of TV, go to bed thinking of TV then definitely become a TV Presenter! If you don’t have that determination or passion, when the first person kicks you (not literally kicks you!) then it is really going to hurt. You need to get back up and keep going.

If you’r passionate about becoming a presenter then the knockbacks will only make you stronger.

How to be a TV Presenter

Me and Leah discussing the first steps to becoming a TV Presenter (I talked too much so I am now covering my mouth!)


There are THOUSANDS of people wanting to be a TV Presenter. If you give up, someone else will just come along and take your place. I know this is harsh what I’m saying but it is the truth. If you slip, there are thousands of other presenters just waiting to take your place.


This is quite tricky in terms of you do not want to email someone so much that you end up annoying them. At the same time you don’t want to be in the position that they forget who you are. One of my first TV presenting jobs was for a company called Wedding TV – I used to email the executive producer there roughly every 8 weeks saying if there were any jobs going BUT most importantly I would send him a new showreel or just simply update him with my progress.

Shaadi Show - Wedding TV Asia

Me presenting my own show on Wedding TV

Presenter tip – sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to do. I’m scared of horses but the producer made me sit on one!

Trust me I know what it is like when you are so desperate to become a TV presenter or Radio presenter but don’t fall into the trap of bombarding people and getting caught up on just emailing and doing nothing else to progress yourself.


Don’t email blindly and NEVER copy and paste the same message (Yes I know it’s tempting because I’ve done it, but it will never work)

If you want to be a Children’s TV Presenter don’t send a producer working at CBBC a video of you in a bikini or trunks painting your house (I’m sure they would love it but it won’t get you your dream job of becoming a TV presenter)

Childrens TV Presenter

Please the producers!
Read about how you can be a Children’s TV Presenter


Know who you are emailing (their name, what they do at the company, things they’ve done) and also do your research on the company – what TV shows have they made? Be knowledgeable and SHOW THEM that you are.

Knowledge is power and if you want to become a TV Presenter that is true right from the start of your career.



How are you different, unique and special to all those other TV presenters out there. I’ve done a whole video on the importance of this – do watch it so you understand why having a USP is so important. Get this right from the start of your career and you will be heading in the right direction in your TV journey.

What is a USP



Nearly everyone starting out as a TV Presenter wants to be an entertainment or music presenter – there is nothing wrong with that but try and find another area you could excel in. Like point 7 – find your USP – do you have lots of knowledge or passion about baking fairy cakes? Then make videos about baking – a niche presenter is much more attractive than a general presenter.


Hope you found these starting out tips helpful if you would love to be a TV Presenter. If you did, please take a second to tweet me to let me know!

If you’re serious about the TV industry and want some training to hone your skills then be part of Leah’s presenting academy 



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