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Club Asia Radio – Memories & a lot of shouting!

I had just turned 18, finished my A Levels and just left my first radio presenting job in Oxford. I thought hmmmm what on earth am I going to do on my gap year before I start university doing international business. I had sent a demo to a radio station in East London called Club Asia Radio, 24 hours later I received a call saying they wanted me to come down to London for an interview!

Now with most of my career it may take months or even years of contact with a media company to get a job but it really was the complete opposite with club asia.

I don’t call it luck but I call it timing.

My letter and demo landed on the desk of the manager at just the right time – they were looking for a new presenter. I went in for an interview, covered the evening show as a freelance presenter for 6 weeks then they offered me a full time job as a programme assistant, producer and presenter.

Wooohooo I was sorted for my gap year and getting paid – result!

Club asia radio

Now this gap year turned into two and a half years of presenting, producing and hosting events for the radio station! My parents still ask me when I am going to Uni! These years at Club Asia where the most fun and most eye opening years of my radio career. I made some great friends, built relationships with record lables, got hurt, cried, laughed and most importantly learnt a heck of a lot.

Here are some of my ‘Best Bits’ from the show I created called ‘Exposure with Veena V’ on Club Asia Radio. It includes clips with the Pussy Cat Dolls and big international Asian artists like Josh and Hard Kaur. It also features some of my lovely listeners from 2006 and 2007.

WARNING – When I was 18 / 19 I used to shout a lot – this audio actually scares me! I would like to point out I am now a non-shouting lovely women 🙂

Club Asia Radio


Me aged 18 presenting on Club Asia Radio 

My evening show had 107,000 listeners and I was on-air five times a week with a separate weekend show. To this day I really miss the creative control, the community feel and all my lovely listeners – if you used to listen to me I MISS YOU!

Click to listen to more of my show’s from Club Asia Radio

Club asia radio was a fun, young station which every Asian person knew about. I didn’t realise how big it was until the day people started asking me for my autograph and looked so happy to have met a presenter from their favourite radio station. Club asia also had mainstream coverage on GMTV, Sky News, Big brother and we won best start up company at the HSBC business awards

Unfortunately the company went into administration in 2009. There is still a massive gap in the market for someone to start a national station and believe it really is needed.

If you used to listen to Club Asia Radio please tweet me and let me know what you miss!



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