Naveen Jain billionaire

Interview with a BILLIONAIRE

Get yourself a cuppa and watch these inspiring words from billionaire Naveen Jain. This interview will make you passionate about your ideas, give you that boost of energy you’ve been longing for and it will teach you not to give up.

Presenting and the media industry in general is tough, especially if you are self-employed. I hate the uncertainty of whether you will make money or not every month. As a Mum I needed to make sure I had a steady flow of income and be financial secure, that’s why alongside working towards my media aspirations I had to get a ‘normal’ job in the city.

However, after 16 months of the same repetitive work pattern and always rushing around I took a big risk and quit without having any paid work lined up! AHHHH NOOOOO I hear you cry, Veena you’re crazy, a year ago I would of reacted the same way.

But something has changed in me, I now believe in myself.


It was invigorating and refreshing talking to billionaire, Naveen Jain.

He just makes everything sound so simple and he will make you

believe like a billionaire.



Key points to take away from our chat


  • 2 simple reasons why people don’t succeed

– They don’t have a power to dream and power to imagine

– The fear of failure


  • Just go out and do it – stop talking about problems, go out and solve them


Naveen Jain


  • Being an entrepreneur is all about great execution – if you execute you win


  • When you become absolutely obsessed and passionate about something then people will believe in you.


  • Reason people are scared is that they don’t believe in themselves.


  • The minute you become so obsessed with what you do, money is the easiest part.


Billionaire Naveen Jain


  • Enjoy the journey – the day you make your first dollar celebrate, first hundred celebrate, first million celebrate! Celebrate every milestone


  •  Success isn’t about how much money you have in the bank, its about how many people lives you’ve been able to impact positively


What little things can people implement in their days to become more productive?

1)      The morning – The minute you wake up decide how your day will go. Take life by the horns and make things happen. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your dreams.

2)      Have the mindset that there is nothing that matters in life more than what you have set out to do


So many inspirational, passionate and motivational quotes Naveen Jain has given us to think about and more importantly act upon. Favourite this post and come back to it – stay motivated!

I really hope this interview inspired you, if it did please take a second to tweet Naveen and let him know.

Remember the little things count. If I never took action and contacted Naveen, I would never have interviewed him and I wouldn’t be here sharing his wisdom with you.

Love you – be brave and make that first step xx



  1. Veena V

    Thanks Zoe! So glad you liked the interview. Yes to be successful I really believe what Naveen said – be obsessed with your passion and idea x

  2. Zoe Efstathiou

    Really great interview. Interesting questions and very inspiring answers. Naveen Jaan seems like a great person. Loved what he said about humility being an indicator of success. It’s also so true what he said about needing to be obsessed by an idea to attract success.

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