Best motivational songs


Whenever I feel a little down I get onto Youtube and type in – the best motivational songs. Some of the music that comes up actually makes me feel more depressed! Some of the tracks that come up aren’t even motivational – they are so random they make me think WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!

So I hope my list of the 20 best motivational songs does in fact motivate you and not make you send me a nasty tweet. I’m sure you wouldn’t do that, but just saying! I’ve chosen tunes that really resonate with me and have some great inspiring lyrics to make you think YES I CAN DO IT – I WILL SUCCEED IN LIFE!




Generally I’m a very positive person but sometimes I have spikes of feeling very low. I would sometimes feel like this on a daily basis after I had given birth to my son. These feelings would basically take over my life for that hour, day or week. I would feel like I’m not good enough, talented enough or just feel crap about my life.

I don’t feel like this anymore. I still do have my moments but then the feelings quickly fizzle out. I just keep telling myself how lucky I am and that I will be successful. My parents and my son motivate me to do the best I can so we can all have a life that I’m proud of.

Best Motivational Songs

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If you ever feel low please talk to someone and remember you are not alone. Life is all about enjoying it and being happy. Always remember the bigger picture. You have a roof over your head, fresh water and food – some people don’t even have that

I struggle sometimes as I’m so blimin impatient! I just keep telling myself everything will work out and if I make tiny little changes every day this will affect the bigger picture and benefit me in the long term. Slow progress is better than no progress.

Goodness this sounds like I’m writing in my diary!

When I do have those moments of feeling low or I want to feel motivated to do something productive for the day, I love listening to motivational songs.


Here’s my Top 20 of the best motivational songs

1) Justin Bieber – Believe

Yes I am sorry – I know what you’re thinking ‘Justin Bieber, I’m not listening to him’ But wait, don’t go, this is a really good track! For the last few years I’ve struggled with this a lot – self belief. To push forward in life you need to believe in yourself, your talent, your business. If you don’t believe no one else will.

It’s all about believing in yourself and the people around you. Justin sings ‘Everything starts from something, something would be nothing, nothing if your heart didn’t dream with me’

‘It didn’t matter how many times I got knocked on the floor, you knew one day I would be standing tall’


2) McClain Sisters – Rise

I only heard this song the other day and I love it! I discovered the McClain sisters after watching the film ‘Tinkerbell – Secret of the wings’ awww its such a cute film and made me cry at one point – yes I am an emotional wreck, I can’t help it.

‘Faith is where me heart is, let energy replace my doubts’  – Stop doubting yourself, it’s a waste of time. As the McClain sisters sing let energy replace those negative feelings.

 ‘you can’t let it pass you, just take hold and grasp it, now’s the time to take a chance’ – YES, JUST DO IT!


3) Eminem – Lose Yourself

Okay okay, those first two were slow and may have made you cry so lets switch it up! Now, this will always be one of my favourite motivational tunes. The lyrics and attitude of the track just really revs you up – I’m ready to go agghhhhhhh!

‘You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. Opportunity comes once in a lifetime’

‘he won’t give up that easy’ – EXACTLY, DON’T GIVE UP – YES YOU LOVELY PERSON – DO NOT GIVE UP!

‘success is my only option’

Oh my days I actually feel like going on a 100 mile run now ahhhhhhh!


4) Tinchy Stryder feat Pixie Lott – Bright Lights

‘From the ground to the sky and it wasn’t overnight.’

‘Dreams to reality and now I’m in the game.’

Lots of lyrics in this track reminds you that nothing happens overnight, you have to work hard. Be patient and stay focused to reap the rewards in the long term.


5) Starboy Nathan – Who Am I

Starboy Nathan is a singer and producer from London who continues to work hard in the music industry despite many knock backs. Listen to my inspiring interview with Starboy Nathan, his motivation to succeed is infectious. This track ‘Who Am I’ is packed full of motivational lyrics throughout the whole song. I can relate to the whole track and feel like writing all the lyrics for you but I’m sure you would rather listen to the tune! Here’s some of the ones that really strike a chord with me;

‘Remember it ain’t about the times that you fall down, its about the times you rise again’ 

‘But I knew, If I just work harder, there’s nothing that I couldn’t do, it was overdue’

‘I’ll be a master if I get back up’ – GET BACK UP NOW YOU LITTLE BUTTERFLY!



‘Turn a negative into a positive, if you address the haters you give them a place to live‘ – Oh yes remember that one

Now get off your bum and sing this as loud as you can ‘I’m a success, I’m a survivor, I can be the best’


6) The Script feat – Hall Of Fame

‘You can be the greatest, you can be the best’  

I think this track is especially motivational for sports people – this song really reminds me of the inspiration and passion of the Olympics – London 2012. People working ruthlessly hard, achieving their own dreams and making their country proud.

One of my fav lyrics is ‘You can be the master don’t wait for luck’ – I always say to people that you shouldn’t wait for luck – you create your own luck. Get out there and go and do what you need to do.


7) Alicia Keys & Jay Z – Empire State of Mind

What I really want to do is go to New York and sing the chorus of this song whilst skipping down the road! There’s something very inspiring about big cities like New York and London. The bright lights, the beautiful buildings and the buzz makes me want to work harder and be in a position one day to buy a luxurious flat in the heart of the city. #DreamBig

‘There’s nothing you can’t do’


8 – Chipmunk feat Chris Brown  – Champion

We should all be working towards making your ‘dream and reality simultaneous‘ – we all want our dreams to become reality

‘Opinions ain’t facts, take them in and let them go’ – Very true Mr Chipmunk! You know the facts about your life, so don’t let what others say to you or about you affect you. Use that energy to make you work even harder.


9) Aaliyah – Try Again

The only thing I need to say about this song from the beautiful Aaliyah is

‘If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself off and try again’ – Life is all about trying. If it doesn’t work, try again in a different way.


10) Destinys Child – Survivor

This song relates to getting out of a relationship and telling that guy or girl GOODBYE! The lyrics though can be used in many situations; to an ex-boss, a colleague, someone who doesn’t believe in you or your dreams.

The whole chorus, the lyrics and the beat is the optimum of motivational music! Let’s all sing this really loudly together, I’m not even joking, come on!

I’m a survivor, I’m not going to give up, I’m not gunna stop, I’m guna work harder.

I’m a survivor, I’m guna make it, I will survive, keep on surviving.

But the best message about this song is to stay humble. When you become successful you’re not going to ‘hate’ on the people that didn’t believe in you – you’re going to wish them well.


11) Angel – Go In Go Hard

I LOVE Angel and love this tune a lot! This track is taken from Streetdance 2 the film so you know this is going to be full of inspiration about working hard to achieve your dreams. If you’re working towards your dreams you have to work HARD!

‘There ain’t no trace of doubt’ & ‘can’t give up the fight’ – These lyrics are important to remember. There is no space for you to doubt yourself and never give up fighting for what will make you happy.


12) Charlie Brown – On My Way

Lots of lyrics in this track really motivate me – it’s like I blimin wrote this song! Oh I could cry to this song – not even joking! You might not have what you want right now but you’re on your way to achieving it.


‘Stand up and never say never coz this life is guna get better. Take a breathe, shake it off and say I’m on my way’


13) Mike hough – Nothing to lose

I always listen to this song on my way to a TV presenting audition or radio pilot recording. By going to interviews / auditions I always remember that I have nothing to lose and its so true – I really do have nothing to lose! Watch this Mike Hough documentary for more motivation and how he managed to fulfill one of his dreams.

‘I won’t give up – I can’t have any less than what I did before’ – You are only to going to gain from trying your best in life.


14) Little Mix – Change your life

Awwww I love Little Mix – four little cuties. The message they are portraying to little girls is so admirable – don’t worry what other people are saying. Just be you. Great role models.

I sound really good when I sing this song……in the shower!

Make small changes in your life every day and you can indeed CHANGE YOUR LIFE


15) Flo Rida – Let It Roll

‘let the good times roll’
This song motivates me because it makes me feel good! All my hard work will pay off and I’ll be cruising in my car, in the sun singing ‘let the good times roll’
Sing loudly to this song, dance around, imagine all the things you want and you’ll instantly feel happy!


16) R Kelly – I believe I can fly

This will always be THE classic motivational song. I keep on banging on about it but the first thing you need to do in order to be successful is simply BELIEVE. One of the elements that makes this track even more inspiring is the sound of the choir – every song should have a choir!


17) Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston – When you believe


Not only is this one of the greatest and best motivational songs ever, its one of the best duets featuring two AMAZING and PASSIONATE singers; the late Whitney and extraordinaire talent Mariah.

I’m going to cry, I forgot how much I freakin’ LOVE this song!


18) Katy Perry – Firework

When you’re feeling low its like this song from Katy is talking to you directly.

‘You don’t have to feel like a wasted space, your original, cannot be replaced’ – No one is like you, you are unique, so use this to your advantage.


19) Jessie J – Wild

‘brush them right off when they say I dont deserve it’
‘you keep moving forward’
If anyone is doubting you right now in your life this is a great motivational song for you to just ignore the ‘haters’
Don’t listen to what others are saying about you. Allow them! You concentrate on YOU, focus and you will succeed. Dont let others affect your visions of what you want in life.


20) Kevin Rudolf, Jay Sean, Birdman & Lil’Wayne – I made it

Now this song is more for when you have actually made it! However, lots of motivational speakers always say feel and think as if you’ve already achieved what you want to. So what the heck, add this to your best motivational songs playlist anyway!

If you want to watch something a little funny, take a look at my Jay Sean interview where we rap battle against each other!


Click here to go to the youtube playlist with all these songs in one convenient place for you


Fill your mind with positive images, listen to all this motivational music but remember you have to work hard too and then your life will get better. Stay Positive, enjoy life and just be happy!
Big hugs Veena V xXx