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Best bridge camera for under £100? Fujifilm Finepix s8650

There are so many cameras out there, so how on earth do you know which one to buy?  Which one is the best bridge camera?

Firstly what is a bridge camera?

It’s a camera that takes photos and videos and sits inbetween DSLR cameras and compact cameras. It has some functions of DSLR cameras like controlling the ISO and Aperture but they are compact and much cheaper

OK lets get straight to the point – Why do YOU need a bridge camera? Think VERY carefully about this before you buy anything.

I needed one because I wanted a camera I could throw in my bag without worrying if it gets scratched. I also didn’t want the hassle of carrying lenses and wanted something light and most importantly cheap! My Fujifilm finepix s8650 will now be my camera I take when I go out to London, see friends, on holidays, to take high quality photos when I don’t want the hassle of taking my Canon 550d.

Buy this Fujifilm for £89.99 (FREE Click & Collect from Argos)*

Best bridge Camera fujifilm finepix


After doing A LOT of research I brought the Fujifilm Finepix s8650 and for the price I am VERY happy with it.

The cheapest price I found it for was £89.99 at Argos.

BONUS price busting tip – If you have a nectar card you can redeem your points at Argos thus making your purchase even cheaper 🙂


  • 36x Zoom – the zoom is fantastic with no loss to the quality of the image. Here’s some examples;

best bridge camera


fujifilm best bridge camera review

  • 1080p HD videos with timer. As soon as you hit record it will count down how much time you have left to record for that one video
  • Compact – chuck it in your bag and it’s easy to handle with its rubber grip
  • Comes with a lens cover. A little unexpected with a budget bridge camera like this.
  • PRICE – When on SALE this camera comes in at a price similar to compact digital cameras yet it has so many more features for the same amount of money
  • Advanced features – add special effects to ordinary photos with a touch of a button. You can create panoramic shots and it will even guide you on when to take the photo. Here’s some examples of what you can do;

best bridge camera review

One click of a button and this star effect is automatically added – I like this effect!

fujifilm finepix camera

Macro shot with partial yellow only – this means the camera lens was right up close to the lego man. No zoom. Also this lego guy clothes is actually blue but this effect makes everything black & white accept the things that are already yellow.



  • The lens cap! It  can sometimes fall off easily. It does come with a little strap but it would have been good for it to have a clickable lens cap instead
  • It takes around 5 – 8 seconds to focus on an object. Why on earth is that a con? Well if you’re trying to film or take a photo of something that is moving very fast you will find it hard (and annoying) that the camera can’t capture the shot you are after.

Also if you are filming yourself – you won’t be in focus straight away either.

  • When zooming on an object sometimes the poor thing gets confused about what it is suppose to be focusing on!


 Watch the video above for all the cons of the Fujifilm Finepix s8650

  • Takes 3 AA batteries – You will have to buy rechargeable batteries as the fujifilm finepix s8650 does not take a li-on battery like some compact cameras.

MY BIGGEST FLAW with the fujifilm camera.

When you are filming yourself and the camera is constantly trying to focus on you  – you can hear the noise of the camera trying to focus!! When recording videos this noise can be heard and is noticeable.


For the price I would definitely recommend getting this camera. However is it really the best bridge camera for under £100? It all depends on what you need a camera for. For me the noise of the camera when focusing and the length of time it takes to focus does reduce my rating of it. However,  I LOVE the zoom, the build of it, colour, price and the video and picture quality is fantastic.

Buy this Fujifilm for £89.99 (FREE Click & Collect from Argos)

PLEASE do your research when buying ANYTHING. I’ll have lots more reviews on my youtube channel coming up soon – would love for you to subscribe. Just click the image below.

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Lots of happiness and positivity to you 🙂 Veena V xx


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    I commented on your YouTube video, I want to get a nice camera that’s not too expensive or really terrible. I am going on a week holiday with my class to a nice hotel on the Isle of Wight, and I want to take some nice photos, would you recommend this camera?

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