Be a millionaire by the time you’re 30!

This guy – Alan Corey – had no special skills and didn’t even have any dreams to be a CEO of a company or an¬†entrepreneur. His dream was to be a millionaire by the time he was 30!

So how did he do it? More importantly, how can YOU do it. One way to become a millionaire without running your own business or winning the lottery (!) is to SAVE. Yes as boring as it may sound that’s what you have to do. Simple isn’t it?

Save as much of your salary as you possibly can. Look at your life, analyse everything you buy on a daily basis. Do you really need to spend £5 a day on lunch when you can make a quick sandwich at home for the fraction of the cost?

Now, I wouldn’t do some of the things Alan suggests like with the Umbrella (watch video below – it’s a very clever idea!)

Achieve your dreams

This guy shows that if you focus, put all your energy into your goal and keep working towards your dream then it will become reality. Also rather than blowing his savings on nonsense he invested in property. Wise move. Seems quite simple really – its all about dedication to the end result.

Try implementing some little things in your life. Remember it’s the small things that collectively make a BIG difference. Not feeling inspired yet? Try these 7 things to motivate yourself now, yes right now! Go, go, go!

Watch this!