Alesha Dixon Interview

Alesha Dixon interview – talks the law of attraction!

In this Alesha Dixon interview we talk about everything from rapping, acting and why we should talk to the universe! I love Alesha’s personality and laugh, it’s so infectious! When mis-teeq split up she had a bit of a rough time as it was also reported that her then-husband (Harvey from So Solid Crew) had cheated on her. Her career and personal life are now going from strength to strength; she’s a judge on Britain’s got talent and is a Mum to a beautiful little girl called Azura.

Alesha dixon interview

Alesha and her Mum taking the dog and baby Azura for a walk

I was told by her PR company not to talk about men or dating in this Alesha dixon interview but I slyly managed to ask the question ‘what are your plans for valentines day’!!! There’s always a way to ask questions people want the answers to lol

Can you believe that you’ve been around for 11 years!?

You must be sick of me! When I first started out in the industry one of the most important things was having a career. Not a flash in the pan attempt at the music industry. I wanted a career and longevity. It’s a blessing that I’m still here but it isn’t without challenge and it’s ups and downs.

Alesha’s been through a lot of ‘downs’ in her life and I wanted to ask her how she deals with it and brings herself back up again. A quote I love is

The one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve is the fear of failure

Alesha agreed and then starting to talk about

The law of attraction 

It’s all about the law of attraction and manifesting what you want in your life with the power of thought, with the power of your mind and your energy.¬†

What you project into the universe is what will come back to you and that is across everything.

Become aware of the part of you that puts energy out. If you can tune into that you can really change your life.

You can ask the universe for anything and you can get it. I don’t see why you can’t.¬†

Yes! I love inspiration and positivity like this. I’m so glad this Alesh Dixon interview steered into talking about the power of the mind. If you don’t believe in the law of attraction and think this is nonsense that’s fine but always remember this – if you’re always in a bad mood, blaming people for the way your life is, being negative all the time, nothing positive will ever happen to you. Try just for one day to be, feel and exude happiness. If something negative does happen, see the positives in it and simply move on.

Motivational picture


5 things we learn in this Alesha Dixon Interview

If it wasn’t for Mis-teeq, I wouldn’t be here.

1) Alesha was in the girl group for 8 years in total with Sabrina Washington and Su-Elise. In the early days they even managed themselves.

2) Performing at the Brit Awards with Mis-teeq and her solo album going platinum were some of Alesha’s highlights from her career.

3) Alesha doesn’t have a specific motivational quote she lives by, but she has lots of different things she believes in like the law of attraction.

4) Alesha didn’t believe that me and her friend Jay Sean had a rap battle! She is so proud of his achievements and reminds us that he has worked VERY HARD for his success.

5) Ms Dixon wants everyone to let go when in a relationship and put your guard down. Then maybe you will find true love!