5 minute makeup

5 Minute Makeup – Get to that interview on time!

Every time a producer, director or manager says ‘lets have a chat and coffee’ it actually means your audition for that media outlet has already began. In media land that ‘informal coffee’ is actually an interview!

So be professional and show your personality from the very first meeting.

If you aren’t doing a screen test there is no need to cake on the make-up. Here’s a quick and fresh faced look that Make Up Artist Simran Bansal put together for us.

Simran Bansal make up artist

5 Minute Makeup


Put the concealer on top of your foundation right under your eyes. It stops you wearing lots of make up and saves you re-applying more foundation. Remember to put powder on top of the concealer to set it.



Chose a neutral and natural shade for this look, browns, golds.

Tip – Use a larger eyeshadow brush to apply the product as this will save a lot of time

5 minute makeup

Brush – Sheer cover fluffy brush



I ALWAYS wear eyeliner so when Simran said she wasn’t putting any on, I was like hell no! However to achieve this look (and keep within the 5 minute makeup rules!) stay away from that magical eyeliner – you don’t need it. However use mascara to brighten up the eyes



Simran recommends using a powder brush when contouring your face (this also saves you money from buying a contouring brush!) Simply squeeze the brush together using your fingertips.

Simran Bansal


Simran loves this technique as it gives more of a contouring line that you can blend and buff out. Ultimately giving a better finish.

To contour simply pull a duck face (!) I like to call it a fish face (!) and apply the blusher on top of the cheek.

I asked Simran why do we even contour? She replied it brings out our cheekbones and really frames our face more.

5 minute makeup

 Mac Mineralize blusher


By adding highlighter it will bring out your cheekbones even more. What you did with the blusher, do the exact same thing with the highlighter.


Colour in your eyebrows with eyeshadow that matches your hair colour – this shapes your face and really completes this 5 minute makeup look. Follow the exact same shape as your eyebrows – start from the bottom and work your way out.

If one eyebrow is completely different make them the same shape so it looks natural.

5 minute makeup

Mac angle brush for filling in eyebrows


Whack some natural colour lipstick on and wooohooo the look is complete!


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