3 of the BIGGEST mistakes new presenters make

Getting into the media industry is tough. Having success as a new presenter is even tougher. Remember there are thousands of people trying to be a presenter just like you, so you need to make sure you are doing the ‘right’ things from the start.

Follow these three things of what not to do and you are automatically putting yourself in front of all those other radio and TV presenters



Do not harass or stalk potential employers! You may be the most talented, unique and hard working presenter out there but if you keep emailing someone every week this is VERY BAD and EXTREMELY ANNOYING!

Some of you may be thinking ‘but how can I come across as enthusiastic and persistent without annoying someone?’ Well, let me tell you that there is a VERY thin line between the two. You want to make sure you keep in the mind of all those great radio and TV people but you don’t want to damage any kind of future working relationship with them. I know from experience this is a difficult balance to strike and you need to be aware of it every time you click that send button.

Childrens TV Presenter

Remember its nice, happy people like this in the photo that you are sending emails to – so don’t pee them off!

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Before emailing a radio or TV producer / manager read these tips first on how to be a presenter – you want to make sure you send the best possible initial email. If you don’t hear from them, don’t worry, remember they are getting HUNDREDS of emails every month from new presenters just like you. Follow up emails if you haven’t heard from someone after a month and kindly jog their memory, maybe add in some new experienced you’ve gained in the past month.



Whatever you do always remember to do your research on the company and person you are sending your email to. Its so important to have knowledge on the brand you want to work for. Your passion will shine through and the manager / producer will actually take you seriously.

Many years ago a producer from BBC 1xtra emailed saying he loved my style, energy and all the experience I had but he didn’t know whether to take me seriously. I instantly understood what he meant; I sent him some audio which was completely unrelated to 1xtra. I should have sent a demo which showed all my relevant music knowledge and passion but instead I sent something from my parenting blog – that was very silly of me, what was I thinking! I blame it on being a very tired new Mum! I just wanted to send the producer something new so I would stay in his mind but I really should have made some new audio or a video instead which showed I did listen to 1xtra.

Remember to be a fan. Watch this video to understand what I mean and learn more tips for getting started in the media industry.


How to get into the media industry


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It amazes me how many people show no respect when emailing potential employers. First impressions are key, especially for any new budding presenter. DO NOT email ANYONE saying ‘give me a job, I think I want to be a presenter, but I’m not really sure, I have no experience and I’m not working for free.’ Believe it or not, I received an email like this from someone and I don’t even hire anyone. I’m a presenter just like you trying to make it in this highly competitive, so don’t email me with nonsense! Imagine how annoyed this would make a manager or producer at a radio or TV channel, it made me furious!

I believe being nice will take you a long way in life. Sometimes being nice could be the actual reason you get the job even if you have less skills than the other presenter that auditioned for the same job as you. Who wants a horrible, snobby, diva presenter on the team?



I would love for you to tweet me and let me know if this post helped you in any way. As always good luck on your journey. Stay positive and be happy 🙂




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