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5 tips to get started as a WEBSITE DESIGNER

Harjeet K. Gill is an artist (picture above is hand drawn by Harjeet, amazing!), graphic designer and interactive designer. She is the founder of Pen&Mouse  – a multidisciplinary creative design studio in Vancouver, BC. Though she is from Canada, she has worked with clients from all over the globe for various graphic design and even helped me with my money saving blog for parents

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Harjeet’s story 

I’ve always been involved in art and my passion for creative fields has been with me from a young age – I’ve been drawing since I can remember and I eventually got into painting. In my spare time outside of school and work I began learning Photoshop and basic website coding.

Shortly before graduating I stopped doing art and planned to get a degree in pharmacy but after my first year at university, I was unhappy with the idea of continuing a career in sciences and I found my way back into doing something I was passionate about – art and graphic design.


Harjeet’s Top 5 Tips on how to be a designer:

1. Learn, learn and learn some more.

The web and graphic industries aren’t right for people who want to learn the basics and expect that to be the end of it, the learning process is never ending but it keeps things exciting too.


2. Once you know the rules, start breaking them.

Innovation comes from experimenting, and if something doesn’t work you can always go back and change things.

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3. Develop your people skills

Having good people skills is an asset to any job, especially if you want to freelance. Sometimes people don’t make it easy but that’s ok – the challenges will help you learn and get better at dealing with different types of clients and also with knowing when to turn a job down.


4. You don’t need to go to school to learn how to design

Save your money, and invest into good equipment instead. The more you practice and learn the better you will get. There’s tons and tons of free and paid resources online, and books you can get from the library to learn and get help from.


5. Become a pro with typography.

Whether you’re learning graphic design, web design or video work, good typography is a huge huge asset to have –  it will definitely help you get work and impress potential employers.


FANTASTIC advice from Harjeet. Proving with hard work and determination you can create yourown career path.

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