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How to be a Weather Presenter (By Nazaneen Ghaffar)

Nazaneen Ghaffar is the Weather Presenter at Sky News and I’ve got to say she is simply gorgeous. She dresses impeccably and oozes talent.

She started her TV career as a runner for the well known show ‘Deal or No Deal’ in Bristol.  Nazaneen’s first on screen opportunity arrived when she was asked to try out for a weather presenting position and trained as a weather forecaster with the Met Office. This was six years ago for ITV West in Bristol.

Nazaneen Ghaffar then became the Weather Presenter for BBC News in the South East. She later moved to Sky News where she is enjoying every minute of it and hasn’t looked back since!


Nazaneen Ghaffar’s fantastic top 5 tips 

How to be a weather presenter


1. Never give up!

From a very young age I had always wanted to be a Television Presenter in news and I never gave up on making that dream a reality. If you want it you CAN have it. There will always be obstacles in your way, but they make the journey more interesting. Fight through them and make your dream true. That is what I did. So my first tip is to ‘’Never give up’’.

Nazaneen Ghaffar

2. Know your stuff

I believe it is very important to know what you are talking about. I graduated with a  BA(Hons) degree in Broadcasting so when I first started as a Weather Presenter I made sure I was sent to the Met Office where I initially had an intensive course in meteorology. Every few months I would go back for further courses and even till this day I make time to learn more. It is really important to know what you are talking about as a Weather Presenter.


3. Work Experience

Before I was a Weather Presenter and before I went to university I had already started doing work experience from the age of 16 on music channels such as MTV to production companies making documentaries. In this industry work experience is very important. Just because you want to be a TV Presenter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t find out about other parts of the industry and how everyone works in a team together. As well as this you will make very important contacts.

Nazaneen Ghaffar presenting showreel

4. Positivity

Stay positive when you meet obstacles on your way, but as well as that always be a positive person whether it’s at home or at work. I really do believe that positivity leads to good things and anyway, no one wants to work with a negative person do they? Especially not a gloomy Weather Presenter – we’ll leave the gloom to the British weather!

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5. Write your goals

Something I did when I was younger that really helped and kept me motivated. At the start of the year I would find a lovely photo of my friends or family and behind it I would write my goals for the year then put it on a frame on my windowsill.

This way every morning I would wake up and see the photo and it would remind me of my goals. Every few months I would look back at my goals and tick off the things I had achieved. It was very satisfying and a nice way to start the day!

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Love her! What a gorgeous and wise woman. Great advice and I LOVE her positivity. If you liked this article please make sure you share it with the buttons below and tweet Naz to thank her!

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Here’s Nazaneen Ghaffar in action


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