How to be a HENNA ARTIST (By the world’s fastest henna artist)

If you want to be a henna artist then you have come to the right place! This advice is from a women who really is at the top of her game and is always pushing boundaries. Entrepreneur Pavan Ahluwalia is one of the UK’s leading henna artists. She is the Guinness World Record Holder for being the fastest in her trade, and has worked with celebrities including Alesha Dixon, The Sugababes and Preeya Kalidas. Recently, Pavan was even asked by Harrods to do their famous window displays for them. Amazing achievements for a young women from East London.

Pavan told me ‘ I started professionally when I was 17 after doodling at a family wedding, word got out from there on and I began to take it more seriously.  Once I had tackled the speed I was able to focus on the creativity and hope to take my art to great heights.’

Check out the pictures; you can see Pavan’s amazing artwork on Britians Got Talent judge, Alesha Dixon, and also one third of the Sugababes, Jade Ewen.

I know Pavan will be bringing you even more of her captivating designs for many years to come. Take a leap out of Pavan’s book and start thinking about your career from outside that limited box. Motivate yourself and dream big!

How to be a henna artist

How to be a Henna Artist – Pavan’s Top Tips


Practice, Practice, Practice!!

Practice designs repeatedly and make them your own. This will help in making your own style. A great way to start is by practicing on friends and family.  You can be as creative as you like – Bold and daring designs are always noticed!

The cone size

Making it the right size for your hands gives you control over the pattern. There are quite big cones around which artists may find hard to get a grip of and have the pattern come out as they would like, therefore the small ones would offer a lot more control.


Think outside the box and don’t limit your designs! It is always good to bring something new to the table, and show your expertise in a different manner.  Eye catching and fashionable designs always work.

Henna artist

Hey Veena V again here – Pavan forgot to mention something as she does it on a daily basis without even knowing! Pavan does not put boundaries on anything – anything is possible. Henna is typically something for the bride at Asian weddings but Pavan has taken the concept of it and applied it to celebrities, famous shops like Harrods and many more things people wouldn’t even think of so yes make sure you THINK OUTSIDE THAT BOX!


Work on making the actual henna, as this will reassure your clients that the colour will come out dark.  Mixing the henna yourself also gives you reassurance, your efforts wont be wasted when the henna patterns are in a beautiful dark design.

If you’re serious about having a career as a henna artist then keep up to date with Pavan on her website as she now offers training to newbies.

P.S Yes, I look about 12 is this video! This interview was taken from when I presented for a channel called Wedding TV on Sky and was Pavan’s first TV interview.

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