My Story

Hi beautiful. My name is Veena V and I’m an award winning Radio Presenter turned Online Entrepreneur. I started working as a cleaner at the age of 14, landed my first paid radio presenting job at 18 and I currently run several online businesses around my hyperactive little boy.

So many people talk about their dreams but never do anything about it.

That’s why I created Youtube Club – I help you get started on youtube with weekly videos on my youtube channel & articles on this blog. Hopefully you will feel inspired to follow your dreams – no matter what they are.

I want YOU to take action today, not tomorrow. If you have a dream you really need to give it all you’ve got – no excuses.


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So who is Veena V & what do I do?

I’m the founder of Mum to Millionaire a social media training business for working parents which so far has had over 10,000 downloads of my weekly podcast on itunes.

I also run Real Mauritius – a travel blog all about the paradise island of Mauritius (I wish I was lying on the beach right now!)

Previous to my businesses I had been working in the media industry for over a decade as a Radio & TV Presenter.

I won an award from Channel 4 for ‘Best Radio Presenter’, attracted more than 100,000 listeners to one of my radio shows and hosted events to thousands of people in London’s, Trafalgar Square.

I’ve interviewed celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger, 50 Cent and Alesha Dixon. Plus I’ve even been hired to present someone’s wedding video!


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My Career from the start
I started my radio career at the age of 15, when I was picked to be one of the last 22 contestants out of thousands in the London’s 95.8 Capital FM’s radio star competition, the winner was given the opportunity to present their own show on the station to over a million listeners. Unfortunately, I didn’t win but it made me even more determined to break into the radio industry.

At 16, I started a work experience placement at Oxford’s 107.9FM. The tea making paid off (horray!), as I was offered to present the 1-6am slot. My dreams came true when I was given my very own show 6 days a week. I worked my way up and was soon presenting and producing peak time shows at the weekend.

At 17, I was featured in a national book called Money Money Money, which highlighted the fact that I was at college studying for A Level Law, English Language & Literature and Business Studies whilst presenting on local radio and having a part time job; a very busy schedule for a teenager.

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Just after turning 18, I achieved grades A, A and B in my A Level results.

Having postponed going to university, I wanted to further my radio career by moving to a London based station. No one believed I could achieve moving from a small village in Oxfordshire and land a paid job in London but I  was determined to succeed.

I sent a demo to a London based station called Club Asia Radio, within 24 hours I was called in for an interview.

Club Asia Radio


Since joining Club Asia, my radio shows became highly popular achieving record figures of more than 107,000 listeners. Listeners described me as a ‘breathe of fresh air’ and their ‘role model
‘ which was very unexpected and slightly overwhelming. I was just so happy to be presenting a live music show, 6 times a week and I worked extremely hard.

Later in my career I won “Best Radio Presenter” at the Channel 4 (4 talent) awards. At 21, I was the youngest winner and also only female to be nominated in my category.

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In 2009, I then joined Wedding TV (A TV channel on Sky) to host their flagship programme `The Shaadi Show`. It was my first major TV Presenting role and I got to visit some of the best wedding venues in the UK. Wasn’t bad for my first stint in TV land as I also got to film a show in the Bahamas!

Moving forward I continued presenting, blogging and producing. I gave birth to my son at the age of 22 (which is another story in itself! You can read more about that on my other blog) and now I run 3 online businesses.

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That’s my story so far and I feel completely honoured you read all of that! If you did, please leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

Wishing you happiness & success,

Veena V xx

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Scott Muller, Ex – Programme Director of Capital FM

 ‘It’s extremely rare to hear someone as unique and original as Veena V, she definitely has a big future ahead of her’


Veena V clients


I have worked for many companies but here are some of my highlights

MOBO Awards – Presenter and feature writer

BBC Essex – Cover presenter for BBC Introducing

Host of Diwali On The Square to 30,000 people in Trafalgar Square

Virgin – Feature writer for Virgin Red Room

MTV The Wrap Up – Blogger

Host of ‘Young, Dreaming & Driven’ event at Channel 4. Part of Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Finalist to be new presenter of M&S TV (Marks and Spencer)

Hollyoaks TV Pilot

Wedding TV – Presented 3 series of the popular ‘Shaadi Show’ on Sky

Brit Asia TV – Presented one series of Hooked Up – dating show.

Club Asia – Evening Presenter, Drive-time cover Presenter, Programme Assistant

Oxford’s FM (Formerly known as Passion) – Presenter


Other Credits – Includes One off shows


MTV’s Sex Degrees of Separation

Radio 1 / 1xtra ‘Who’s the Daddy’ documentary